Thursday, January 13, 2011

Person Shot At Ainslie And Sheridan

Around 6:22pm, readers tell us, there were shots fired at Ainslie and Sheridan and a person on Ainslie was hit by the gunfire.  Police and an ambulance were on the scene quickly.

From our Facebook page:  "Rec'd from a neighbor. Edited to fit. A young man was shot right in front of me today outside our condo! There was very rapid response from police/ paramedics. At 6:30, I was walking from the condo building to my car parked on the corner of Sheridan/Ainslie. I heard 5 gunshots from across the street as I was next to the elementary school and the park.  I walked across the street and asked a guy if he heard them too and he said he was shot -- there was blood everywhere on his legs, but he was able to walk. He was on the SW corner of Ainslie/ Sheridan. He had called the police as I was crossing the street and they responded very quickly. Police and ambulance came within minutes. He was early 20s. He didn't have any visible head injuries. I couldn't tell if his torso was hit -- but his pants were covered in blood. It doesn't appear that they got the gunman."

UU Note:  One of our contributors was in that area around 7pm and noticed a very distinct police presence, both foot patrols and squad cars, but had no idea a shooting had taken place.  We are so very sick of these incidents, and we hope for both the recovery of the young man who was shot and the arrest of those responsible.  It's interesting that the victim called 911 himself to report being shot.  Can't recall that happening in any gang-related shootings.

If you have further information, please post it in the comments.


  1. This neighborhood is out of control. The local news (fox and cbs) seem to be picking up on it. I always hear, "Uptown isn't as bad as it use to be." I think it's pretty violent these days.

  2. Another piece for our Alderman's scrapbook.
    I'm coming up on my 20th year in Uptown...and's worse.

  3. Starck Mad, how did you hear about shootings in the early part of your 20 year tenure in Uptown? I'm just curious if today's instant update mediums give the appearance crime is up. I guess I could just go to the history books, but why when we have personal insight.

  4. Perhaps Helen should look to secure more subsidized housing in that area as she has in Sheridan Park? Surely that would help curtail violence. (sarcasm)

  5. Don't give up hope. Election is just few weeks away.

  6. Holding steady at one person per week since late October. Nothing to see here.

  7. "Starck Mad, how did you hear about shootings in the early part of your 20 year tenure in Uptown?"

    Hi Uptowndweller. It's not so much about today's instant media, that confirms I feel less safer today, than when I bought a condo here 20 years ago. It's rather the fact that I've been in close proximity to shootings in the last 2 years.
    (not to mention an upturn in gang tagging).
    20 years ago, I didn't think twice about an after dark trip from the Wilson L to my house. And 20 years ago I didn't hear the gunfire and sirens I hear now.
    I love Uptown, but I'm simply saying, in my opinion, crime seems worse now.

  8. Thanks, Starck Mad. Long time Uptown dwellers like you give me hope for its future!