Sunday, January 23, 2011

Multi-Car Accident And Foot Chase At Montrose & Broadway

The bystander's car in the foreground and the police activity.
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The suspect apparently crawled out the car window after the crash and ran.
This photo shows the suspect's car, which remained in the intersection for a few hours,
as well as his passenger, cuffed and up against the unmarked SUV.
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High drama last night around 8:30pm at Montrose and Broadway. A reader who lives there sent in these photos and says: "Not completely sure what's going on. Heard a crash and got up to see an unmarked SUV next to a crashed car and an undercover officer chasing a black male south on Sheridan from Montrose. Second cop that was his partner (who also joined the foot chase) went back and put the female who was in the car in cuffs.

Officer then went to respond to the car of the bystander that was hit in this crash. She was shaken and her airbags deployed, but she walked away and refused medical.

Cops have spent the last 30 minutes looking through the car that the black male jumped from and combing the ground with flashlights where he ran to before he was caught."


  1. woow i wonder what they were looking for

  2. Heard all of this on the scanner when I was listening to 19 and 23 at the time. It sounded like chaos.

  3. Wow....I didn't hear anything, but seeing as how this is about 400 feet south of the 46th Ward Office, I'm sure they have a comment?

    Now I realize that the Alderman has nothing to do with crime in the 46th...but.....

  4. my girlfriend and i drove past the accident scene a few hours later and the car (which was smashed beyond recognition) was still beached on the median.