Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fornello Trattoria : Pay $20 and Get $45 Worth of Food

A reader shares that "Living Social has a deal for Fornello Trattoria today $20 for $45 worth of food and drink. It's also valid for delivery so while it may be on the cusp of the ward [1011 W Irving Park Road], it still applies for our residents."  It looks like this ends at 5am on Monday.  Take advantage, here.


  1. We went here a while back after we had received a menu in our mailbox. Our bill was slightly higher than what we were expecting, and it turns out that the distributed flyers contained "Take Out" prices.

    Now, I understand there is a cost to eating in the restaurant, but I don't think it was clearly stated that the menus were "Take Out" and you feel a bit ... gypped.

    That being said, the food was pretty good.

  2. Well, that's one good way to drown your sorrows after the Bears debacle.

  3. Never been but I'm looking forward to it!