Thursday, January 6, 2011

More On Maryville Development From CPNA

From Clarendon Park Neighbors Association regarding the proposed Lake View Station development:

"We wanted to make the neighborhood aware of some recent events surrounding the proposed Maryville site and the development proposal by Sedgwick development.

Today we emailed every Aldermanic candidate we could find an email for (and have reached out to those for whom we could locate a website or telephone number), and asked them to specifically state their stance on the following issues:

  1. The Sedgwick Properties development proposal and their feelings about Sedgwick Properties.
  2. The proposed Maryville TIF designed to fund improvements at Clarendon Park
  3. The community parking lot and its future.

We have asked the candidates to return their responses by Friday, January 21st. We will then send out a email with all their responses, as well as post a flyer on every building in the neighborhood.

We have also a noted a number of inconsistencies listed on Sedgwick Development's website to promote their proposed development and wanted to make sure we highlighted these as well.

  • Specifically, they claim they offered to provide free overnight parking after initially planning to charge a fee. In reality, this was our first and strongest demand and was also a demand of Alderman Shiller from day one.
  • Secondly, they claim they have held many community meetings and have given the community plenty of input into the planning. In truth, they met with some community representatives, who, at the behest of Alderman Shiller, heard their proposal and offered some insight. In no way were these meetings meant to replace and substantiate a larger community process, that to our minds has not taken place yet. The only true community meetings that were held were arranged as open houses, and did not provide the community the opportunity to hear each others concerns, as well as question the developer in front of the entire assemblage of neighbors and concerned citizens.

A group of concerned citizens has started a group called the Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development (UCRD) and have posted a petition online for those who wish to see a moratorium placed on any decision regarding this property and development proposal until after the new Alderman and the new City administration have a chance to review the facts and design a community process that is transparent, inclusive, and exhaustive.

The developer has chosen to engage in a large and expensive PR campaign that seeks to mislead the neighborhood on the history of their proposal. Because of this, we must insist on a complete halt to the process as well as a clear stance from those seeking to replace Alderman Shiller.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns that we can help to address."


  1. I just signed one petition but when I went to the UCRD`S petition it says, the petition has been closed to new signatures at the author`s request. I wonder why?

  2. Sedgwick held a public forum at the library branch on Buena, where they shared their latest news with us on December 28. The notice was posted on this site, so I don't understand why they are being accused of not holding public forums.

  3. So why is it that this private development should be expected to provide free overnight parking to non-residents of the property? Is it based solely on the use of TIF dollars? If so, does that parking expire when (and if) the TIF is paid back?

    In my mind, the sooner we move to tear down the craphole that is there and replace it the better.

  4. I agree that Sedgwick comes off as pretty shady and they (like most developers) can operate some slimy pr campaigns. BUT, with that said, what is with you NIMBYS?!?!? Get over it! Im tired of the empty Maryville site!!!

  5. So - it's alright to hand over tax revenues and property to a developer that some admit to being shady and slimy?

    This isn't a matter of NIMBY-ism.

    It's a matter of seeing responsible and transparent development with viable community input and support.

    We aren't seeing that in this case.

    At least not yet.

    As for the public meetings, the point (as I read it) is to have another Clarendon Field House-like open house like what was held last summer - not laundry room hook-ups.

    The notice was posted on this site, so I don't understand why they are being accused of not holding public forums.

    Might you provide the link to substantiate your claim, please?

    I searched this site and cannot find any mention of such a notice.

    Actually, Google didn't return any results, either - so maybe my search skills are lacking.

    I'd appreciate any assistance you might be willing to offer so that I might read more on that meeting.

    A lot of us have grown weary of the Maryville site's current state, however, that's not a good enough excuse to promote a "just put any ol' thing in there" strategy.

  6. Okay, let's refrain from name calling. I'm sick of reading about "yuppies" and "NIMBYs" and "you people." It stops all meaningful discussion and brings it to the third-grade level.

  7. There was a PUBLIC meeting at the Uptown library on 12/28/10? And it was posted on UU?

    All news to me, and I check this site regularly. I also requested notification of any public meetings at the now-defunct website. I received no notice.

    Why is expressing skepticism, and expecting to be included on a process involving public funds NIMBYism?

    I wonder if the "build something - anything - don't plan, just build - crowd" realizes that the vacant property in their backyards could be replaced by a bigger vacant property, still in their backyards...

  8. Why don't all of you come up with a BETTER idea then? How about the city uses our TIF dollars (since that is what everyone is up in arms about) to demo the entire site, grade it, sod it, plant a few trees and voila! Problem solved. At least for us....

  9. I'd be all for returning that land to park space rather than use public funding to assist a developer who more and more appears less and less like an honest actor.