Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crime Is Her Issue

From Ald. Mary Ann Smith's latest email newsletter:

New Safety Initiative Targets Troubled Areas

Alderman Smith is using discretionary funds to target troubled areas in the 48th Ward. She has contracted off-duty police to concentrate on three chronic problem locations: the intersection of Winthrop and Winona, Thorndale around the Red Line station and Sheridan Road from Lawrence to Margate Terrace.

The off-duty officers are working in conjunction with the local police district and Board of Education security and focusing their efforts at the dismissal times of schools located in these areas. They are monitoring the flow of traffic, including pedestrian traffic, bringing police attention to any problems or potential problems during these periods and providing suggestions on how to better enhance the safety of these areas.

The goal of this project is to bring additional resources to areas where public safety problems have persisted despite the application of normally successful strategies. It is not designed to minimize or replace the hard work of the Chicago Police and Chicago Public Schools security, or the efforts of the community, but rather to supplement those efforts. Initial reports from the officers and nearby school principals are encouraging. They believe the presence of the off-duty officers has greatly reduced the unsavory elements that typically inhabit these areas after school.

To continue this success, the officers need information from the community. You can help by calling 911 to report illegal and suspicious activity and by attending the local CAPS meetings to provide feedback and exchange information with your neighbors and the police. When calling 911, please remember that information given to the police is kept confidential, and you can choose to remain anonymous.

We can think of many areas in the 46th Ward where similar efforts may have cut down on crime and even murders. Congratulations to Mary Ann Smith remaining active in her ward, even though she isn't running for re-election, and for still working to solve its problems.


  1. ...and sadly she's not seeking re-election. I can only hope that the next alderman in the 48th is as diligent, or moreso, as her successor.

  2. ...and sadly she finally got off her tukkus. Read Edgewater Community Buzz regarding the murder at the Thorndale EL stop. Thorndale's been a disaster for years and positive loitering cant make a dent in the mayhem. She's been alderman south to Lawrence and finally is doing something that means business. Yeah spending your discretionary fund to put traffic circles in low crime Andersonville really doesn't help.