Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More About The 46th Ward Great Debate

Feel free to print out this poster and
display it in your lobby or at local businesses.
We're getting more details on the 46th Ward Great Debate this Saturday:
  • Robert Jordan of WGN-TV has agreed to moderate the debate, and many of the candidates will be available after the debate to talk with you in further detail. You are welcome to hang out and talk to the alderman candidates after the event.
  • It will be co-sponsored by Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) and the Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development (UCRD).
  • If you have questions for the candidates, please submit them to either CPNA or the Great Debate Committee by Wednesday, January 26th at 5pm.  Please also include your name and address.  If you would like to have only your name appear or would like to be anonymous, that would be fine (please indicate your wishes in your e-mail).
  • If you can lend a hand with the planning or on the day of the debate, your help would be appreciated.  Contact the Great Debate Committee.
  • Many thanks to Marlise Fein for organizing this, to Borders for hosting it, to CPNA and UCRD for sponsoring it, and to Robert Jordan for agreeing to be the moderator.  You all rock!
46th Ward Great Debate
Borders in Uptown, 4718 N. Broadway (Second Floor)
Saturday, January 29, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Moderated by Robert Jordan of WGN


  1. Robert Jordan is a consummate professional.

    Just like me. Only consummate and professional.

    If you want to get a good laugh at the debate try to see that Diane Shapiro is asked about this comment:

    "It's the 'Tar-ghetto,'" said Diane Shapiro, the Republican ward committeeman and an aldermanic candidate. "People are afraid to shop there."

    You can find the toxic link here:


    I refuse to hyperlink to it because Stewart is so far off with that stupid line of reasoning that he is unworthy.

    I would venture a guess that over 90 percent of likely voters in the ward like the new "Tar-Ghetto". Including me.

  2. If Shapiro had even a ghost of a chance of a shot, I might consider possibly wondering about the context in which that comment was said, though ... I'm hard pressed to think of a context in which that wouldn't be highly offensive.

    I wasn't aware that Nowotny was a Daley appointee.

    That's good to know.

  3. What happened to Robert Jordan? Why was he a no show?

    Great turnout today guys.

    BTW, who did the Sun Times endorse? LOL