Sunday, January 16, 2011

Foreclosed Homes Attract Burglars

A reader writes:
I'm a resident of Uptown and I frequently read your blog. While I hate reading the horrific postings that all too often cover the Web pages, it's very heartening too see the community working together to share advice, offer tips -- there truly is strength in numbers.

I wanted to share with you the following tips that the Uptown community can implement to protect foreclosed homes from burglary, theft and vandalism:

What can communities do to protect their foreclosed home investments from burglary, theft and vandalism?

5 Tips to Protect a Foreclosed Property:

1) Maintain the Foreclosed Property
External maintenance sends a strong signal to prospective thieves. Remove mail, clean up trash from the yard, cut and water the grass, make windows opaque and perform other measures that make clear statements that someone still cares about the property.

2) Organize and Fund a Community Watch Initiative
Establish a neighborhood watch program.

3) Motion Activated Solar Powered Security Lighting
Motion activated solar powered security lights are commonly available on the market. Install them across your vacant properties.

4) Establish Relationship with Area Police Department
Even if your area doesn’t have this level of police concern, it’s in your best to contact about your situation and continue communications with area police.

5) Suppress Address Publication and Signage Until Ready for Sale
Lists of foreclosed addresses serve as “shopping lists” for thieves and greatly simplify their efforts. Though this will at times work against the need to market and sell your properties, it will prevent some potential crime by thieves who understand efficiency.

Kicker….if possible install a security system like Protection 1 on the foreclosed properties.

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  1. I was homeless for awhile and the homeless always knew which houses were abandoned or otherwise unoccupied and broke into them and slept in them. They were pretty gross, peeing on the floor and trashing the places.