Monday, January 31, 2011

48th Ward Candidate Forum Next Wednesday

If you live in the 48th Ward and have been feeling left out by the many, many candidate forums in the 46th Ward, we've finally got one for you.  The Tenant Leadership of Mercy Housing is holding a forum on Wednesday, February 2nd:

"I want to extend an invitation to you as residents of the 48th Ward on behalf of the Major Jenkins and Delmar Tenant Leadership.  Next Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, Tenant Leadership will be hosting a 48th Ward Forum at the Major Jenkins Apartments at 5012 N. Winthrop in the Community Room from 6:00pm-8:00pm. 

All five of the candidates running for 48th Ward Alderman have been invited, and we have received confirmation from Harry Osterman and Steven Chereska.  Tenant Leaders have prepared a structured forum with questions posed to the candidates regarding Affordable Housing, Neighborhood Safety, Jobs, Accountability, Mental Health Services, and more.  Upon completion of the structured program, there will be a 30 minute reception for audience members to speak individually with candidates.

- Alix Midgley, Tenant Organizer, Mercy Housing Lakefront"


  1. I certainly hope that someone asks them to address both the Uptown Theatre situation vis a vis JAM Production as well as how Jam is letting the Riviera (see the building bib on the roof for over a year) deteriorate with no care for the neighbhorhood aesthetics.. imagine these theatres in Lincoln Park..they would not put up with it and neither should we...

  2. Rob - I hear you. Both properties are looking pretty bad. Shame on JAM. I'm losing faith in them.

    However, the Riviera is in the 46th Ward and the Uptown is in the 48th. That corner gets tricky.

  3. I'm not sure why Affordable Housing would be on this agenda since on this particular street there are 2 CHA buildings and 2 rather large Mercy Housing SRO's. Sounds like there's plenty of affordable housing on this block.