Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Wilson Corridor: Transitions In Chicago's Uptown

Documentary -- The Wilson Corridor: Transitions in Chicago’s Uptown
Monday, December 6, 7:00pm
at Truman College, Chicago, IL

Truman College will present the documentary, The Wilson Corridor: Transitions in Chicago’s Uptown, at 7 p.m. Monday, December 6, in Novar Hall on the third floor of the college, 1145 W. Wilson Ave. The half-hour documentary, researched by students and shot and edited by filmmaker Roxane Assaf, celebrates the college’s history as a centerpiece for the Uptown neighborhood.

Price: Free
Phone: (773) 907-4040


  1. I find it very ironic that the trailer for this documentary has a clip of Alderman Shiller saying "It WAS a dangerous place to live for a lot of different reasons. This WAS a community that was really under attack in so many different ways..."

    She is using the word "WAS?" With three shootings in broad daylight within a week, just steps from her office, it begs the question "What exactly have you done, Alderman Shiller, to make this a community that is NOT dangerous and NOT under attack???"

  2. Does anyone know where to look for historical crime figures for this area? I'd like to know how many murders or attempted murders Uptown had in 1987 for example.

    Was there ever a broad-day shooting in front of Truman College? Some people have a bizarre vested interest in claiming that we are no different today than we were in the past except for the unfortunate decline in affordable housing. That argument doesn't pass the sniff test for me but I'd be willing to be proven wrong.

  3. Yeah this little short film
    smacks of propaganda on so many

    Like uptown was good went through some hard times and now is doing well with "diversity"

    Where are the bangers on wilson in the film?

  4. I like the diversity of the area and would never want that in itself to change.

    Propaganda, Schropaganda.

    Think of it as perspective.

    I'd like to see this documentary tonight but I think I'd boo at Schiller.