Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Reason To Call 911

A reader writes in:
"This morning when I made my usual 911 call reporting the lady drinking and littering her way down my block, I realized something different. I got a text back from CPD 911 asking me to reply with my pictures and additional comments. UU readers should be aware that this may be a new thing the CPD is doing. Had I known, I would have snapped a shot of the drinker."


  1. everybody in Uptown must live on the same block since Rap Snacks and empty bottles of Dmitri (gin, vodka, etc.) are deposited on every sidewalk daily.

    CPD accepting pictures is awesome. Hope that sticks. Be sure to turn your time stamp on for those shots for proof of consistently illegal behavior

  2. Here's more information on the CPD program -