Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Uptown "Cares"

Don't get in the way of determined Uptowners!  On December 1st, the day the Illinois Senate passed the Civil Union Act, sponsored by Rep. Greg Harris, another piece of Uptown-sponsored legislation went through, "The Care of Students With Diabetes Act," known as the Care Act.  Its sponsors overrode a gubernatorial veto to pass it into law.

What is remarkable to us is that the CARE Act brought together two former opponents for State Senator, Heather Steans and Suzanne Elder, who worked tirelessly together to get it passed.

As Suzanne wrote in an email:  "I am thrilled to announce that the Senate joined the House and voted tonight to override the Governor's amendatory veto. The Care of Students with Diabetes Act is now law in the State of Illinois.

It took more than seven years, the efforts of more than a thousand families like yours, the support of partner organizations and, last but not least, the remarkable leadership of Representative Tom Cross and Senator Heather Steans. It has been an honor to work with them."

Don't mess with Uptown... it may take a while, and we may face overwhelming odds, but in the end, we generally get the job done.  We congratulate Rep. Harris, Sen. Steans, Rep. Cross and Suzanne Elder for going the distance and getting their efforts passed into law.

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  1. Maybe the desire to make a gesture in honor of Ron Santo was an impetus for passing the bill?

    Hail and Farewell Ronnie...as a local bar (not in Uptown but who cares) puts it: No. 10 on the field; No. 1 in our hearts!