Thursday, December 2, 2010

So We Guess She Never Really Said It

In light of the recent violence in the 46th Ward, and near the Ward office, a reader did a little research.

"For giggles, I went to Shiller's site to re-read her press release ("A Statement on Recent Events") regarding violence from last year.  Apparently, someone may be trying to scrub some idiocy from the floors of history:"

Luckily, Mike Doyle wrote an analysis of her statement and included all of the original in it, so it's not lost to the ages.  Tip of the hat (again), Mike!

We are reminded of a quote that Helen might remember from her SDS days:

"People separated from their history are easily persuaded." --Karl Marx

Speaking of scrubbing away the past, we wonder what happened to the TIF tab on Ald. Shiller's website, where she did an infodump and proclaimed her transparency?


  1. I have a copy of the letter here.

    Along with my insightful and not sarcastic in anyway commentary.

  2. Wow I just reread the Alderman's response and the line by line breakdown by Mike Doyle. It is amazing just how full of herself she is, regardless of what anyone else tells her about her job performance. Who in the hell wants her anywhere around their attempts to be elected to her job. Furthermore why would you accept a lot of money from her? Don N. I am looking in your direction.

  3. From the elusive letter: "In recent days I have had several conversations with community leaders about more creative and progressive solutions. To a person they have started with “Violence is not acceptable,” and followed that up with, “We have to do more about this and blaming you is not it. What more can we do together?” There have been a number of positive suggestions, and we are going to work on all of them."

    How are the efforts on those positive suggestions panning out so far, Helen?