Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Should Have Gotten Coal In Their Stockings

Instead, they got new spray paint, the little bastards. 

The gang graffiti assault on Kenmore, between Irving Park and Buena, got a little heavier over the holiday weekend.  One reader says:  "I noticed that a lot of garage doors in my alley were tagged either last night or some time over the weekend. It's the alley that runs in between North Sheridan and Kenmore from Irving Park to Buena. I also noticed that some buildings on Kenmore were tagged with the same gang symbol."

Another sent in the photo above and notes:  "The building at 4138 N Kenmore was tagged again over the weekend.  If you look closely at the picture you can see the latest tagging in silver is on top of the outdated tags in black."

Please call 311 to request this be removed ASAP, and if you see tagging in progress, please call 911 and be willing to sign a complaint.  This has been going on for far too long.


  1. Call 311 please! This is "dissing" one gang and definitely is meant to incite violence.

  2. On my morning walk to the red line I noticed that the glass front door of the Jimmy John's at Racine & Wilson was broken out and boarded over. Think it must have happened last night, anybody have any details?

    Didn't CPD catch a "break the window, raid the empty register" bandit already?

  3. I reported this to the property manager of the building and they indicated they would send someone out this week to take a look.

    Anyone know who the property manager of 4150 N. Kenmore is? They got tagged too.

  4. Just had lunch at Jimmy John's and yes they did get their door window smashed last night by a "large stone" at around 2am'ish.

    I suppose the thugs and criminals will be happy when all business has been run out of Uptown. Well, all but the drug business that is.

  5. I reported this to the property manager of the building and they indicated they would send someone out this week to take a look.

    "Take a look"??? Why, to assess whether the graffiti might actually enhance their property or something?

    The answer to "There's gang graffiti spray painted on your building" is "We'll have it off tomorrow.

  6. M and MOTS-----all well intentioned thoughts. However, the most important thing to do is call 311 and request a visit from Graffiti Blasters. ASAP.

  7. Sorry, should have been more clear....the property manager indicated that they would take care of it when I called. They were very responsive to my call so we will see.

    I also called 311.

  8. Do we know...are these guys targeting buildings where rival gang members live? If so, these property managers might want to take a closer look at who they are renting to.

    Also, sounds like a lot of activity is going unchecked in this little stretch...I have noticed these buildings right at 4100 Kenmore getting bombed again and again.

    I would like to see these punks get arrested and then forced to stand there while I spray paint their cars, clothes, and other property to the point where it is ruined and see if they like it.

  9. Good job M! Thanks for the follow up.

  10. A few comments.

    I noticed a few more buildings along kenmore that were tagged in the past day or so. They include 4000 N Kenmore (right on Irving Park), 4150 N Kenmore (right next to 4138), and the corner of Kenmore and Montrose ( directly across from WY -roughly 4387 Kemore).

    I was just taking addtional pictures of the new art work and one of the local members was not too happy when they saw me...Oh Well!

    While outside for the pictures I happened to bump into and talk to a streets and sanitation employee who was out looking at the tagging to determine whether they needed to sandblasting or paint to removed the tags. Another person stopped and provided a few more addresses that were hit too.

    Stash, 4138 is right next door to 4130 which has had a few visits from the police recently and has had issues in the past.

  11. Good to see you guys are calling this tagging in.

    Havent been around kenmore area for awhile but yeah thats a very active corridor.

    Yeah gang guys are always sour grapes when they see normal people doing normal things and are very sour grapes when anyone is inspecting their work, what do they expect?

    Do they think that their efforts will pay off one day with the neigborhood going down the tubes?
    Or do they expect people to throw their hands up in disgust and just leave? Hmmm. Thats funny.

  12. I think our summer will be a real war zone so lets hope the alderman that gets elected can make a big difference when it comes to these gangs.

  13. As someone who's wiped a 'Clam Chouder' scrawling off my garage door.....I would love to see these idiots deposited about 2 miles east of here.

    I encourage everyone to call the police when they see this happening.

    And to the taggers? This ain't art, or even a social message.
    (I've seen some beautiful grafitti in Rome)
    This is Rats who've got their feet wet in paint.

  14. the gangs have run amok in the city. perhaps some private security cameras are needed in the area. this is a quieter part of the area and now they are here defacing properties with their evil. i walked past it all the other day.

  15. Well, of COURSE the people who live on Kenmore and have to walk past this crap are going to call it in. My question is whether the frequent posters here from outside of Uptown--who think they have the right to tell us what kind of development we should have in our own neighborhood--have ALSO called it in? Put up or shut up--we don't need to be patted on the back for doing what we need to do...and if you're going to pull the "it's my city, too" thing about a development that doesn't affect you directly, then I want to hear that you've put your skin into the game beyond that (and picking up some trash). Did YOU call in on the grafitti, too?