Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nick's Picks

Continuing our regular feature of book recommendations from Uptown Borders' sales manager, Nick Taylor:

You Better Not Cry

"Claus and Effect" can either leave you in the spirit of Christmas this year or have you saying "Bah-Humbug," as some of my friends put it. Maybe the pace of this blasted holiday season leaves us too dizzy to remember what it was once like as a child. Memoirs are meant for reminiscence and few find my heart and my funny bone better than Augusten Burroughs.

As a child he mistakenly calls Santa "Jesus," and manages to devour a good portion of one life-size wax figure only to wake up as a hung-over adult next to a real life-size figure of Santaesque proportions. Throughout the abundant reasons for hilarity gems of advice sparkle; Shirley from the streets warns against the booze and their threat against dreams while awakening the young man not to "discount" her words because of her homeless raiment.

If you enjoy reading the words of David Sedaris or need to hear some blatant honesty about another dysfunctional stretch of life pick up a copy of this book and get ready to laugh till you cry with You Better Not Cry.

- Nicholas Taylor, Sales Manager, Borders in Uptown


  1. Thank you Nick!

    BTW your service is always top notch when you help me at Borders. Thanks!

  2. You are, of course, welcome chipdouglas. C.P. I hear you and although I wouldn't call it disappointing, Wolf at the Table really left me wondering if Augusten would come back into a a lighter sense of wit.