Monday, December 6, 2010

Rally Against Violence At Kenmore & Wilson

A reader sends in a photo and info:
Several Uptown churches and community members came together for a march to speak against the violence in the neighborhood (yesterday). It culminated in a time of prayer and the singing of "Amazing Grace" at the corner of Kenmore and Wilson.


  1. Am I missing something? Is "Jesus loves Gang Members" really appropriate? I understand that gangs are there target audience, but how about "Jesus loves Everyone?"

  2. Maybe those holding those signs ARE gang members?

    I don't get it either... hey, way to promote gang banging...

    Actually no, Jesus doesn't love gang bangers. He doesn't condone murder, therefore He can't love gang bangers. If you are even remotely familiar with the Bible, this should be pretty clear.

    I assume the people carrying those signs are either A) gang bangers themselves, B) are friends/family of gang bangers, or C)so afraid of the gang bangers that they are using those signs to hope that they won't be retaliated against for protesting the violence.

    Either way, the message is inexcusable and completely voids any impact this may of had. Well done.

  3. Allow a Open Police Search? Just wondering... What attempts have been made to make Uptown safe?

    With the constant crimes going on, the gang members are getting arrested and put away into jail. Why is it still going on? Are they reducing or the same? I question where do those gangs live at? Next door to me or to you? I know that Uptown is pretty small to have a lot of gang members living around compared to south side of chicago. But where do they live in, special housings or just among us in the same apartment buildings?

    It would be nice to have a random Police Search in certain buildings to wipe them out clean (by finding guns, drugs, etc...) and start over clean.

    Also, I'm open to let the Police Search my home, starting door by door to save my Uptown. I am very sure that the Police will find something (guns, drugs, etc.) in one of those other apartments to arrest someone planning to shoot or has drugs hidden. Is there a way to volunteer to have Police to search our homes door by door just to be sure what they can find. I have nothing to hide (No Guns nor Drugs at my home). Just a thought/idea, but more of a desperate new attempt to stop the crimes cold in Uptown. If this is a bad idea, heck, just thought it wouldn't hurt to try...

  4. Thirtywhatever, nicely put. My thoughts exactly. The day protesters of violence are also 'rallying' for it... is a sad and frightening one indeed.

  5. Does Jesus love P Stone or Vice Lord gangmembers?

  6. I'm not about to pretent that I know what Jesus loves and doesn't love (although in Catholic school they taught us that Jesus loves everyone, even sinners and even if they DON'T ask ask for forgiveness, but whatever). But these conclusions that the people holding the signs are either gang members of related to gang members... take a closer look at that picture. Not saying they're not, but it's sort of a strange conclusion to jump to.

  7. What a weird thread this is turning out to be!

    I say "thank you" to the neighbors who were willing to go out in the cold to say that this violence is not ok!!

    I think the point these people were trying to make is that anyone can stop, change their life around and find forgiveness and a better path. The message is that it is never too late. It might not be your message (religious or otherwise) but it is a mainstream Christian one.

    Its time for people to come together on this issue, not make potshots at others or invite a police state.

    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." --- Benjamin Franklin

  8. I'm not affiliated with this group nor did I attend yesterday, but I can tell you that if you're remotely familiar with the New Testament, Jesus loves ALL sinners. That Jesus loves gang members should be a reminder to them that they CAN repent, and stop the violence.

    @gowtflow7, if you want to give up your right liberty for a little security, you deserve neither. Ben Franklin and I think so.

  9. uproar over the signs at the anti-violence march, organizing a police please search-my-home campaign to save MY uptown. wow!

    and come on "Thirtywhatever"

    "Actually no, Jesus doesn't love gang bangers. He doesn't condone murder, therefore He can't love gang bangers."

    i'm no theologian, but i don't think that argument would hold up well in most Christian circles.

    i think y'all should relax a bit and recognize that people other than those connected with uptown update particpate in positive ways for the betterment of the community. if you didn't know about the rally before it happened, and if it wasn't posted on this site, it doesn't mean it was organized by the gangs!

  10. Bottom line, there are other ways to promote non-violence than to carry signs that state that Jesus loves gang members. There are PLENTY of other more poignant, moving statements that would of gotten the point across without making it sound like "hey, its ok you're murdering innocent people, Jesus loves you anyway..." really? Come on!

    No, they aren't gang bangers, but their message doesn't help at all.

    In the long run, probably doesn't matter, I doubt the gang bangers care what any of us do or say. These protest marches have been happening in the south side for decades, and its done ZERO to stem the violence. I appreciate these people's willingness to do something, but nothing will change until our elected officials take a stronger stance and stronger laws against gang banging (domestic terrorism anyone?) are made much harsher, and more is done to educate and help stop the cycle of violent criminals giving birth and raising more violent criminals.

  11. @Sassy... thanks for that alternate perspective. I sincerely hope that was the message the protesters were trying to convey to gangbangers.

  12. Yo, Toucan @ 11:55! There's some proof that great minds do think alike!

  13. Ron,

    I think what you're missing here is that many people in Uptown are kind of sick and tired of the "turn the other cheek" method. It's not working. Time for some tough love, and prison time.

  14. Only on the Northside would this happen. The Southside churches wouldn't tolerate a sign that remotely tolerates gangbanging.

    Sinner, spinner. This is too much spin.

  15. I can picture it now, a banger down on one knee with one hand over his/her heart and the other pointing to the sky, thanking Jesus for giving them the wisdom and ability to successfully hit their target. Not much different than a terrorist praying to "God" right before blowing something up.

  16. The march was organized by Uptown Baptist Church. The folks with the ridiculous signs came from a church in Rogers Park. They came via bus.

  17. "thirtywhatever"

    i think you need to apply some of your criticism about the signs having a bad choice of words and not being poignant to the expression of your own beliefs! You see and irony in your first two posts?

    and yeah "windycityeagle"

    more jail time is definitely the answer (sarcasm). i mean having the highest per capita prison population in the world has gotten us this far, right? why not stay the course?

  18. That's hysterical that the sign toting folks were 'bussed' in!
    (sounds like Election Day)

    Jesus might 'love' the gang bangers, but surely he'd slap the Hell out of them first.

  19. I'm sorry, but Jesus may love gang bangers BEFORE they break several of the 10 commandments. Like #6 & #8. Than, all bets are off. What's the point of having the 10 commandments if you can break them and not go to hell? Just curious.
    As far as the signs go, poor choice of words but kudos to those who at least participated in an effort to make changes.

  20. Wow.

    People sure do have some interesting views on WWJD around here. (what would jesus do)

  21. I just keep thinking about all those parents of kids who were murdered to gang violence and all the people who duck for cover when they hear shootings. How do we respond to them?

  22. ron durham - im all for other solutions to our problems. however, the gang problems in the US are outlandish. we cant really compare to other developed nations where (a) they do not have our gang problems or (b) their gangs control their gov't.

  23. the hypocritical part is that Uptown baptist church recently cut all its tutoring programs, open gyms, and mentoring programs. the pastors told about 30 kids from the neighborhood the church had no place for them.