Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Broadway

Our $4.3 million Broadway streetscaping is done.  Looks pretty nice, too.

But urban designer Andrew Vesselinovitch thinks it could have been done much better, making Broadway more pedestrian- and business-friendly. Read his ideas here.

(Hey, there's still the absolute blight just north of the new streetscaping, the "orphaned" 4600 block of Broadway, which needs a LOT of help. Definitely a blank canvas for someone's ideas, hopefully not too long from now.)

1 comment:

  1. I agree that the Broadway streetscape leaves lots of room for improvement--and creativity, AND community input (which never happened...Helen decided that she knew what she wanted and what the rest of us simply would have to live with). I'm somewhat bemused by the concept that Mr. V. advanced for Broadway and Argyle, though...camelbacks like ski-jumps for cars, skateboarders, and #36 CTA buses; passenger cars imbedded in the sidewalks (except where the sidewalks are replaced with traffic lanes); and giant ghostly cats staring down traffic as "calming devices"....KEWL!!