Monday, December 20, 2010

Helping For The Holidays

So, it's nearly Christmas and this year we just haven't been feeling it.

Maybe it's because we got an early gift when Ald. Shiller announced to Laura Washington that she wouldn't be running for reelection.

Or maybe we're just exhausted from trying to keep track of 22 aldermanic wannabes (12 in the 46th Ward, 5 in the 47th, and 5 in the 48th).

So we're going to leave it up to you to spread the news about how and where Uptowners can still spread some cheer and goodwill.  This is what we know:
  • Uptown's Secret Santa will be active with the gift cards and "Santa Boxes" for the needy on Wednesday.  More details as they come from the North Pole.
  • If you have extra wrapping paper and would like to donate it, you can bring it to Borders at Broadway and Racine.  "We have a number of non-profit organizations scheduled to gift wrap through the remainder of the holidays, working solely for donations.  I'm sure other gift wrapping paper would help them out."
If you've got any ideas on ways to make someone else's life a little brighter this holiday season, please post in the comments.  (Let's leave the snark at the door for this one post, okay?)


  1. This is more appropriate for those who work downtown, but help out the local Streetwise sales people. These people are hard at work DAILY and many of them are struggling to earn their keep.

    Also - shop local! Let's help our local merchants this holiday season by giving them our business! (A little plug for my favorite - Fresh Harvest Market carries everything you need to make your special holiday dessert ;)). Happy Holidays UU!

  2. This being Uptown, I generally leave older shoes, sweaters and coats out in the alley somewhere by a main street where I know they will be found and used... I have yet to do that and they not be gone within 30 may not be the most PC thing to do but I find it is effective to get to the folks that generally need it most

  3. Rob, there are several thrift shops in the area that will also take your donations fyi.

    Also, Toys for Tots has a bin at the front door of the Walgreens at Clark & Wilson. Donate anytime before 12/24.

    Our Lady of Lourdes Church at Leland/Ashland has a bin for food donations by the rear entryway to the church off the alley just west of the church property.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Lassie,

    Thanks.. I know and I give to those too.. but sometimes folks just dont have the cash to buy something, even at a thrift, on occasion, I do it a different way.. but you offer some great ideas as well!

  5. Speaking of Lourdes - You have apx. 48 hours left in which to donate new, gift-wrapped winter accessories (hats, scarves, gloves or combo thereof) to their annual Xmas party for the "regulars" at their soup kitchen/food pantry.

    Attach a label or gift tag stating that the gift is suitable for a woman, man, teenager, boy or girl.

    Bring to the rectory office on Ashland/Leland.

    (Oh, and you might want to include a little "extra" in the gift too, like a lipstick/hand cream for a lady or after-shave for a man. Poor people like to feel good too, you know!)