Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Challengers

A reader writes in:
"Here is information about challenges made to candidates filing their ballots to run for 46 Ward Alderman. Yesterday was the last day to file a challenge and they came pouring in. Politics is a game, so it's worth knowing if any of the challengers are connected to any 46th Ward challenged or unchallenged candidates."

Rachel Roberson Agustin challenged Janice Thomas and Caitlin McIntyre

Terrence Patrick Fowler
challenged Molly Phelan

Bernard Noven challenged Caitlin McIntyre, Scott Baskin, Michael Carroll, Janice Thomas and Molly Phelan


  1. I've been waiting for these.

    Well Agustin graduated from Woodlands Academy.

    Same school as Molly. Good move challenging those two. I would have done the exact same thing if I were a Phelanite.

    I have no idea who Fowler is; although, I doubt a challenge to Phelan will hold up. 800 signatures is plenty.

    Noven seems to be or was a Chicago schools employee with a leftist bent. His challenges are a bit over the place. So I wonder who he's supporting.

    Again, I doubt the challenge to Carroll will come to anything for the same reason as the challenge to Phelan. They both had lotsa signatures.

    As for the other challenges I would expect some of those folks will be tossed from the ballot.

  2. Petition challenges chew up campaign money and time they could spend elsewhere.

    So it's a semi-savvy move by whoever is inspiring Messrs. Noven and Fowler to file their challenges. Only semi-savvy because would have been worth it to go after Cappleman or Novotny as well by somebody who wanted to distract them for a few weeks too.

    With the huge number of challenges filed, I bet these get ruled on pretty fast as they try to dispose of them all by the ballot setting deadlines.

    Lots of interesting political maneuvering to the west in Alderman Schulter's 47th ward....

  3. There is a Terry Fowler on Facebook from Chicago.

    Supports the Capplemaniac according to his Facebook stuff.

    Take that as you will.

  4. Please be aware that challenges may have nothing to do with the number of signatures. Challenges may be technical in nature... such as, missing a statement of candidacy, or a receipt for the ethics statement. Many past candidates have been thrown off the ballot on these technical issues.