Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

  • A big salute to the CleanSlate workers who've been diligently chipping away the snow and ice from sidewalks in the SSA where the owners haven't bothered.  Can't be much fun, especially in this weather. Our admiration for the dedicated men and women of CleanSlate continues to grow.
  • We urge everyone to shovel their walkways, as the law demands, particularly if you're running for office!  We've been hearing that at least one aldermanic candidate has been a bit lax in this department, and it's not a very good indication of how s/he will take care of Uptown if s/he can't take care of the sidewalks outside her/his home.
  • If you know someone who's "living rough" or without heat at home, please remind them that there's a warming center at 4740 N Sheridan (312-744-2580), as well as at all public libraries.  If you see someone you think may need help, please call 311 and request a well-being check, or 911 if you think they're in distress.
  • And finally, where do you go in Uptown to warm up?  We're partial to Thai Uptown (4621 N. Broadway) and its wonderful curries. We also like the Irish coffees at Crew (4804 N Broadway). So where do you go when it's cold outside? Recommendations, please!


  1. If you want to file a complaint about someone not cleaning their sidewalk/throwing down salt, is that a 311 call, 911, or other? There are some dangerous stretches of Sheridan in Buena Park


  2. Befekadu hasn't shoveled his sidewalk yet and I nearly broke my neck on the ice rink that is in front of his house.... very frustrating. Shows a lack of initiative and neighborhood concern, especially given all the elderly in the neighborhood.

  3. Pulling into the Magnolia Mall tonight to pick up my veg soup and egg rolls (best in the city might I add) and noticed that nearly the entire lot is ice covered. I witnessed a young girl fall flat on her face while I was leaving the property. COMPLETE HAZARD BEWARE. On the bright side, P-stones where nowhere to be found in front of the convenient store.

    Separate note, I'm a fan of warming up at Chava and although its out of the neighborhood, Moody's @ Broadway and Granville is incomparable! If your a fan of multiple, huge blazing fireplaces, darkness, burgers and beer its a must go place.

  4. According to the City of Chicago, "Citizens can call 311 to report a location where sidewalks have not been cleared of snow."


  5. Thank you Meercoll. I didn't know if that applied to people's sidewalks or only city owned property...I'll give it a try