Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome To The Tic Store

The windstorms a couple weeks ago didn't do the long-empty Majestic Store any favors:  It's looking less majestic than ever (and we didn't think that was possible).

We can't help remembering then-CTA President Ron Huberman declaring at a community meeting about the Wilson Yard TIF, in March 2008, that the CTA-owned properties, like this building, are a "blight" on Uptown and that one of the CTA's first priorities is to fix them up and get some quality retail in there.  Ahem.

That was the same meeting where the timeline for the Truman Parking Structure was unveiled:  Parking garage opens in Winter '09; and the Student Services Center completed by Spring '10Ahem.

As we've come to expect from anything related to the Wilson Yard TIF... promises, and more promises, and all of them as empty as the "Tic Store."


  1. I think if there was any property around here that looked so bad, unsafe and full of city violations something would have been done long ago. Being that it is CTA property they are given passes that private owned buildings surely would not be given. It certainly is a blight that really looks like crap and maybe if everyone started calling City Hall and the CTA they might get the message to clean up their act.

  2. I noticed that the "You Selling Secert" idiot has been tagging the properties.

  3. It would be interesting to see the terracotta detail and condition behind that sign.

    The sign looks 60's-ish to me, and quite scrap-worthy.

    I hope this little building gets restored like its jumbo-sized next door neighbor.

    Come to think of it......I haven't seen the "I was born in 1776" tag lately.

    Give 'em a spell check for taggers, they need an app for that! harharhar

  4. @Jeffrey

    Some of the terracotta on these buildings should be saved and put back on whatever buildings go in there when the CTA does re do it.