Thursday, November 18, 2010

They Fought The Law (And The Law Arrested 'Em)

A reader forwarded us some further information about the shooting that happened at Sheridan and Argyle last week.  Paraphrasing:

The victim is a Black P-Stone gang member from the Southeast Side; he was shot in the foot.  The shooting occurred along the eastern border of the area that the Black P-Stones somehow believe belongs to them. Two people were arrested for their part in the shooting, a white female and a black male who live on the 4800 blocks of Kenmore and Winthrop.  They were arrested on Battery/ Aggravated Handgun charges.  The case is now in the active stage of prosecution.


  1. Why does that address 4800 N Winthrop keep popping up? The police must be unfairly profiling some of the folks in that building. I would call the ACLU if I was Cop Watch.

  2. The cops did their job. Good work. Lets just hope the court system does theirs and put them away once and for all. I am sure the neighbors won`t be missing thme anytime too soon.

  3. I hope they keep catching these guys.Way to many gun shots in the Uptown area this summer.If it is a bad building and these troubl makers live there ,police should keep going there.

  4. Very serious issue let me be very clear about that. However, the UU headline made me laugh out loud.

    Great job Chicago Police. I would ask everyone to make a point in the next few days if you walk past a cop or pull up next to one at a traffic light to give them some thanks for all that they do. I know many many people feel that way, but I don't always think we say it enough to them directly.

  5. @ Wiseguy

    I'm with ya' but seriously, hope the court system does their job and puts them away once and for all...I'm keeling over with hysterical laughter!

    "arrested on Battery/ Aggravated Handgun charges" hmm, why not illegal discharge of a firearm, or even gee, attempted murder? Our system LOVES patting thugs on the behind and saying tisk tisk, now go to your room (cell) for just a couple years and come out when your going to be a good boy i.e. reformed.

    It's wishful thinking at best. After the offenders public defender examines his past record and then has the balls to ask for a plea deal, we'll be lucky if any of these people actually does more than 3 years.

    Thugs need a "terrorist" opposing them just the way that they terrorize our neighborhood. God help them if I ever run for office....

  6. This is what I proposed to our representatives this morning. Please contact them and lets get something going that is harsh, that works, and gets rid of these gangs permanently.

    Good morning,

    I'd first like to say thank you for the work that you both have done in the troubled 46th ward. Where our city officials have failed, you both have stepped up and I for one am grateful. One nagging issue persists here however and that is the issue of gang violence. It is clear that budget restrictions are keeping police officers off of our streets, but I believe the other failure in fighting gang violence is legislative, and I am hoping that we can change that.

    I believe that we need far tougher laws and harsher sentences when it comes to the issue of gangs. In Uptown, we suffer nearly nightly (and during the summer, during all hours of the day) from shots fired between rival gang members. As I'm sure both of you are aware, during Halloween trick-or-treating shots were fired in close proximity to families that were out with their children; kids and their parents were running for cover. Drug dealing in our ward is rampant, and for the most part goes unchecked. In our neighborhood, we feel nearly powerless, we need a bill with harsh mandatory minimums for convicted gang members. I do not think it too harsh or unreasonable for a gang member charged with dealing drugs a mandatory 7 year sentence without a possibility of parole and for gang members charged with ANY crime where a firearm was involved, I believe a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years without the possibility of parole appropriate.

    I'm out of solutions. I've participated in marches, positive loitering, CAPS meetings, and my block club all with zero impact on reducing gang violence in Uptown. I'm sick of being powerless. I am reaching out to you today for help in turning the tide in our favor, the people of Uptown in coming up with legislation that gets gangs off of our streets permanently. Anything I can do to help in any way to bring about this legislation I will do.

    If we cannot be tough on gangs because of a lack of officers, then when we do catch them, we need to be tough in the courtroom.

    Thank you,

    Greg Harris - state representative

    Heather Steans - state senator

  7. I agree with Uptown Action...

    Why were these people not charged with attempted murder? Because they are a lousy shot? I'm sure their lawyers pulled the "they were just trying to scare the guy and the gun accidentally went off" routine and that's likely why...but the longer we allow our judicial system to play patty cake with hard core criminals the longer we will have to deal with violence on the streets. It's pathetic.

  8. It was explained at the 2311 CAPS meeting that the charges they bring represent the level of cooperation the Police and States Attorneys receive from the victim. In the case of Murder the State will prosecute on behalf of the victim, when a victim is shot and survives if the victim is unwilling to sign a complaint, either because they are scared or are a member of a rival gang and prefer to seek their own justice the State cannot charge the victim with attempted murder.

    This is another flaw in the system that needs legislative action.

  9. PB and Ray,

    I agree, a loop hole for criminals when they are uncooperative. I think in the case of a shooting or a crime of obvious gang activity, when the victim refuses to cooperate, they should be charged with obstruction of justice and given a 6 to 12 month sentence.

    I suggest keep writing to Greg Harris and Heather Steans to see if we can get something moving.

  10. Whatever, I'm getting a torch and pitchfork. Argh!!!

  11. Okay so if the victim is not willing to assist the police how do we know if this case is being prosecuted or not??

  12. Let's get these bums off the street that loiter and urinate all over our property.