Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wilson = Target Station?

By Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Breaking News
The CTA will go out for bids next week to sell naming rights to its rail lines and stations, bus routes and other assets, CTA president Richard Rodriguez announced Wednesday.

The transit agency expects to award corporate sponsorships by next spring, Rodriguez said. He said a corporate adviser will help package the sponsorship opportunities. In addition to bus and rail lines, retail spaces and special events will also be made available for corporations to put their names on, Rodriguez told the CTA board.

CTA board member John Bouman asked whether the Red Line might become the Cubs or the White Sox line, considering it serves both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field.

The highest bidder will be able to hoist the "W" banner over its ballpark, Rodriguez indicated.

The CTA has not so far sold naming rights on it facilities, but it did recently conclude a deal
with Apple that led to major improvements at the North/Clybourn station on the Red Line.


  1. The North/Clybourn station is a far cry from what it once was. It looks fantastic! I would welcome the infusion of private sector money to make the same happen at the Wilson el station.

  2. I hope no one contacts the people at Frito Lay…“Next stop, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…Doors open on the left at Flamin’ Hot Cheetos”.

  3. Maybe if Target sponsors the Wilson Stop they can find a way for the walls to spray paint the stupid kids that key putting up gang graffitti constantly at the south entrance. Think "Naked Gun" here!

  4. During my more vengeful moments, I think a suitable punishment for taggers would be to hold them down and spraypaint the inside of their mouth.

  5. Also happening with the parks district: