Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shots Fired This Afternoon, 2 Shot Near Truman College

A lovely afternoon with guests at the UU household... suddenly interrupted by seven shots fired nearby, around 3:50pm. Sounded like it was around Wilson & Broadway, although that's just a guess. Anyone else got any more info? Please add it to the comments.

Update: via Chicago Breaking News:

2 Shot Near Truman College in Uptown
A 17-year-old male and a 19-year-old male were hospitalized after being shot this afternoon near the Truman College campus in the city's Uptown neighborhood, officials said.

Paramedics responded to 1145 W. Wilson Avenue about 4 p.m., said Chicago Fire Department Chief Joe Roccasalva. The Truman College campus is listed at that address.

Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien said the shooting occurred on the 1000 block of West Wilson after someone with a gun fired into a crowd who then ran away.

The 17-year-old was shot in the left shoulder and left leg and was taken in serious-to-critical condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The 19-year-old was shot in the right shoulder and was taken in fair-to-serious condition to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, officials said.


  1. Heard the same thing. Called 911. Then heard a few different sirens. Hope they caught whatever was going on.

  2. I'm listening to the police scanner on line and they are blocking off part of Wilson as a crime scene. Wilson and Kenmore I believe. I think they said 1044 west Wilson, which is right at about Wilson and Kenmore. I've seen a few police cars head up that way from my windows at Broadway and Montrose.

  3. OK whenever I hear people shout at each other for more than a minute, I call 911. Please do the same. It almost always escalates into fighting and HERE shooting. These a-holes have no common sense or decency. They belong in jail.

  4. Something happened inside of Truman. Saw stretcher go in and come out and pretty sure body came out with it. I was standing closer Magnolia and tons of police circling the neighborhood for 20 min at top speed.

  5. I'm on the eight floor at 1039 W Lawrence - heard the shots and called them in immediately, as usual.

    I was close, I estimated Wilson and Sheridan - getting used to it now.

  6. Dear God...I hope enough of us are enraged enough and become politically involved in our "hood". We as citizens really don't have much power other than by voting and becoming part of the political process. Research the candidates people, who do you see being most active in the community? This includes BEFORE this campaign got on the way...

    Another way to look at this is, the sooner they get rid of themselves, the sooner we can not have to worry about them...I propose desecrating liquor bottle and cheap Mother Mary candle memorials with celebratory balloons.

    Ok, sorry, that might have gone to far...

  7. Uptown Action -- but they're BAD shots. So they end up getting injured and getting disability and keep on keeping on w/ their gang banging...

    How the F did this guy get away when people saw him? Including posters on this blog?

  8. This is cr*p, $20 - $40 million dropped on a new parking garage and now yet another Uptown shooting just in front of Truman College. It's not Truman's fault, but I personally am calling the 23rd district and emailing them to ask for a blinky blue police camera on both sides of the Wilson el station.

    You can email or call the station directly at:
    Phone: 312-744-8320

    I have heard CAPS officers explain before that the cameras tend to push crime away from one area into another rather than stop crime cold. But with an el stop (and what, 3,4, 5 shootings around it since June?) and a city college right there major security upgrades are in order if there is a dime of TIF funds or Truman construction money left it needs to be poured into at least cameras immediately.

    What good is a new Student Services Center when people are getting shot on your door step? Truman needs to take ownership of their block, and a good start would be getting their security guards off their asses and out of their mini-SUVs and walking the campus border like it's their job.

  9. Talked to an officer around 5:30 and they were searching along 4500 block of Sheridan for a way through the houses on the block. I think they caught him or saw him on Sheridan and were searching for the "something that goes bang" that he dropped on the way over.

  10. Yeah The Gun Problem In Uptown Is Getting Way Out Of Hand And Needs To Be Dealt. Another Thing Is To Stop Wishing Death On Other People When An Officer Die I Don't Say "Yeah Good Job Kill Them All"I am Deeply sad For Them And Their Familys. So For You To Say Yeah Keep Killing Each Other Is Not A Nice Thing To Say.We Need To Work Together To Stop The War In Chicago Insted Of Adding On To It. UPTOWN ACTION You Did Go To Far And Hope That Was A Good Sorry!

  11. thanks Micro for the update! hopefully they caught the loser.

  12. Because Wilson was shut down west of Kenmore, the CTA buses had no choice but to divert buses through the side streets.

    Unusual sight: the Kenmore Avenue bus.

  13. Sounds a lot like the 'Halloween Shooting' at Montrose and Magnolia, that I was unfortunate enough to witness.
    Hideous losers.

  14. I live not even 200 yards from Truman, and heard NONE of this. Not that I particularly WANT to hear gunfire, but I would like to be able to call it in when I hear it, or look outside to see if I can get a description. My wife was walking our dog right there just minutes before this happened. I'm glad he did his business quickly this time...

  15. Yeah, I was walking my dog while the Sheridan shooting this summer was happening. I normally went to the store that the shooting had happened at after a dog park outing and it really freaked me out that me or (strangely more importantly) my dog could've been shot.

    Has anyone done any research on how other communities like ours have combated crime?

  16. Does that Target carry Bullet Resistant Vests?

    Just wondering.

  17. Word is the gunman arrested is named Tony. Lives east of Broadway.

    Two males shot live on Magnolia. What buildings on Magnolia? Who owns and manages the properties? Are they legally on the lease?

  18. I thought the colder whether was going to cool off some of this violence. I noticed the summer gang uniform was baggy shorts white XXL t-shirt. I wonder what the winter uniform will look like? I also haven't noticed anyone complaining about Sheridan Park Liquors. I believe they cater to these thugs and let them linger outside their store.

  19. What needs to happen is zero tolerance of the stupid loitering.

    This past weekend alot bangers on Morse (even on turkey day, dedicated guys), I called it in and the cops had a squad on Morse and the bangers left. There is a squad car right now on Morse by glenwood, no bangers around.

    ZERO TOLERANCE of this crap needs to happen, loitering leads to shooting.

    Drive around Chicago, where do you see loitering?

    Usually only in the WORST neigborhoods ONLY, like east garfield park for one or englewood or the really bad parts of humbodlt park.

    There are tons of humdrum neigborhoods in chicago where there is none of this crap.

    This is abnormal, totally abnormal.

    If the cops wont voluntarily stop this behavior then people need to call 911 incessantly until it does happen.

    When I call 911 I do flip out sometimes, because IM SCARED,
    these bangers are nuts and there only weapon is intimidation.
    I tend to get better response with either pleasnt persistent calling on loitering and yes occsionally I will flip out at 911 because IM PISSED and sick of the gang intimidation.

  20. so many places cater to the thugs. went to pick up some za at the new (and good!) pizza place on sheridan and lawrence and there were gang bangers sitting there, not purchasing, and counting their money (waaads of cash) right there! these biz owners need to start doing their part!!

  21. If decent people hang out there they wont do that,
    also after leaving call it into 911 that there are suspicious guys counting huge wads of money there.

    Thats what I do,
    it is tough on these business owners like nico at morse gyros, same thing happens there.

    Those guys will take off though if they see decent folk (yuppies or what they think is yuppies)
    in there

  22. we did hang out there. it didn't stop these thugs from counting their wads of cash in there. i also called 911.

  23. Yeah it didnt stop the thugs from doing it at nicos either in Rogers Park, but they soon left afterwards and gave us dirty looks.

    But consistent non acceptance of antisocial behavior will lead to change.

  24. geofredo-
    you have good intentions with your idea of good people hanging out to get rid of the gang bangers but personally I'm not willing to do that nor would I recommend to anyone else to do that. These guys are unpredictable, other than you can be sure that a gun will go off by one of them, near one of them or at one of them at some point. I'm afraid that our problem in Uptown and Chicago is much greater than good citizens just being "good" on the streets. We need a hard force to come into this city and take control the way Juliani did in NYC. He came in with a firm hand and unbelievably turned that city around. Chicago politics are deeply corrupt. I hope that Chicagoans are beginning to see that, because they have been asleep for way too long. Look what we sent to Washington... the Chicago gang... it's so rapidly destroying the country, and people choose not to see it. Just as Chicagoans have done for so long. Shame on the people of Chicago and this nation for choosing to be so blind. It really is unbelievable to me. I ask that people please begin to understand that they have been so mislead by all the leaders of this city and nation. Open your eyes and ears for yourselves. Even when you think something sounds like a good idea or proposal and you agree, do your research anyway and find all the information you can. It's the only way to come to a more educated conclusion. Tell others to do the same.