Monday, November 1, 2010

Shots Fired At Sheridan & Agatite, 1 Apprehended

Here we go again. Shots fired just after 10am near Sheridan Hazel and Agatite. Offender in custody.

More details here. Add any other info in the comments.


  1. Probably not the shooter from last night. Hopefully they can tell the police who was.

  2. You have got to be kidding me, this is asbsolutely OUT OF CONTROL!!! This weekend has been the worst in years! And now, monday morning, its still going on?!! There is a war going on in our neighborhood...a true, honest to goodness WAR. Its time for the national guard to come in. This is insane.

    I am well aware of and am sympathetic toward the logistical and financial reasons for the police force's shortcomings right now but this is beyond insane and we need some protection for our lives and safety right now. Its horrifying that nothing has been done, no extra police are visible, the gangs are just picking up this morning where they left off last night! We need some PRO-active police work right now instead of the ongoing RE-active police work that does nothing but follow around the mess and hose the blood off the streets...I am beyond sick about this.

    I have watched my condo's value drop 40% in 3 years but have continued to pay my mortgage but if the 40% drop in value wasnt enough to convince me to strategically default on my condo and get the hell out of here, the fact that i have to fear for my life everyday may very well be more than enough to get me to stop paying my mortgage so I can move out of here. I dont know how much longer I can take this.

  3. The arrest was what I woke up to this morning. I commend our police force for taking such quick action.

  4. Wow, someone was actually apprehended, nice job Chicago Police!

    Lets just hope this person isn't run through the system and back on the street in 6 months.

  5. same guy - different guy....problem is there are many guys out there with guns and the more they brazenly display during daylight....the more glory they get and the more it'll be.

    I also commend the CPD for quick respponse, but prevention is what is needed.

    What can be done?

  6. It is time we take back our streets and our Neighborhood. We need to be more vigilant about calling the police anytime we see these gang banging thugs loitering on our streets. Simply call 911 and report suspected gang activity (throwing of gang signs, harassment of passer-bys, selling of drugs, etc.) If you have a video camera, set it up and start taping the activity going on.

    More pressure needs to be put on the subsidized rental landlords to purge their properties of convicted felons.

    How many people need to die before the city takes action? Or was this just more innocent "fisticuffs" and boys will be boys action?

    Yes we clearly need the National Guard. It is obvious that the mayor, our alderman and our overpaid, lazy, apathetic police superintendent don't give a shit about Uptown.

  7. While I think it's heroic to want to take back the streets, I for one am not going to put my life in jeopardy for a bunch of scum bags that wants to shoot up the streets over territory.

    The fact of the matter is these gang bangers are not going to step down to anyone, not me, not you, not the police and we see it every day. In the last six months I've been exposed to so much crime it makes my head spin. From gang beatings to drug deals and tagging to acts of prostitution (yep, saw someone getting head in my back ally) the acts of crime continue to grow.

    With that said, I try to do my part. I call in drug deals every time I see them. I call in the deliveries as well. You want to know the scoop. A couple of time each week there is a gold Buick that's parked in the Wilson Mall Parking lot. The one right under the red line tracks, and every time I see the guy get out of his car he's stuffing those packs of Newports full of god knows what, and the dirt bags are selling it on the street. I've personally called this guy in a dozen times, and guess what, nothing has been done. So what else are we suppose to do?

    Until the city takes control, or the police or as someone else has said, the national guard this is going to continue to take place. Our streets are going to get worse, and soon people with no gang affiliations are going to start to die. It makes me ill.

    I've been a resident of Uptown for 10 years, and seriously, this is the worst I've ever seen it.

  8. Its ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before you, me, or our good neighbors get caught up in the crossfire. Sigh.

    This is completely out of control, but I don't expect anything to change until a new leader is elected. Even then, it is a huge uphill battle.

  9. I have been here six years and I have never seen it so bad. These thugs dont care and will shoot even if there are kids around. Maybe it is time the police starts shooting back. Wait, way too many lawyers out there to stop the police from doing its job.

  10. I think legalizing drugs would make a huge difference as far as reducing crime and criminal behavior. And why is prostitution illegal in the first place? Who cares what people want to do for a living, it's fulfilling a need, and making people happy. The same with drugs, why is the government telling us what we can and can not do with our bodies Obviously people want drugs, and it's not just poor minorities that want drugs. Legalize it, and stop making people criminals.

    No one should have guns, it's not constitutional, and it's not rational for any civilian to be walking around with a gun or to have one in their home. Guns need to be reported and confiscated, from anyone and everyone. No individual has the right to have a gun. The negligence of our constitution has been detrimental to our society in so, so many ways.

    Take guns away, and legalize the things people want to do and we are safe. Until that happens, things will only get worse everywhere.

    There is no way we should ever bring our military forces onto our own streets to open fire on US citizens at will. No way. Look at what we have done to citizens in other countries we have invaded. Do you really want that to happen here, in our neighborhood? I don't want to live in a real war zone, with armed men walking around with a shoot to kill, shoot at will attitude. I don't want Gitmos in our city where we just torture and imprison whomever they want to. It's not okay, and frankly the thought is more than terrifying.

  11. Stef,
    While I'm sympathetic to your comment about drugs, especially since there is a very strong argument about the economic impact to the Drug Lords (could it actually make Mexico peaceful? nah...) and the links to violence, the no guns part is way off base. Have you ever lived anywhere where people hunt? Further, criminals will always find ways to get guns. That will never change, so I have a hard time telling people they can't use a weapon in self-defense, even if I personally choose not to do so.

    I find your argument also somewhat contradictory. You believe the government should not interfere with our rights related to drugs and prostitution and we shouldn't criminalize it. But, on guns, the government should deny rights (which obviously requires overturning the Second Amendment, something which will never happen in our lifetimes) and criminalize gun ownership? Ownership shouldn't be the crime...

  12. Steph,

    Please tell me your post is sarcasm...please tell me you're not that naieve.

    Take guns away...if only it were that simple. Owning guns is NOT unconstitutional. However, it is illegal if not properly registered. Using guns to shoot a people is illegal and unforgivable.

    Legalize everything and the problems go away? What? So we should just make all drugs legal? Yeah, that would solve all of our problems and everything would go away. What a great country it would be if our children were regularly and legally exposed to mommy and daddy's coke and meth habits. Yikes!

    Martial law does not give the military carte blanche to open fire on US've been watching too much television. It's designed to restore order to an out of control, dangerous and violent situation. Which is what we currently have in our neighborhood.

    So, here's hoping that you were writing in a sarcastic think you are serious is frankly, quite terrifying.

  13. Can a new alderman make a difference? What are say, three things the new one can do to improve Uptown? Three things that would actually be within his or her power?

    I'm thinking one might be a moratorium on new social services in the neighborhood. Would it be fair to say Uptown has it's fair share of methadone clinics and more?

    Do Aldermen have any power over the CPD? Is there anything one can do to increase police presence in the neighborhood?

    What about getting gang members out of public housing. Would that be as simple as enforcing existing laws?

    I don't know what to do. We are not rich white people, we are just a family trying to live in a home we can't possibly sell. We love our neighbors, our street, the lake... There's a lot to love about Uptown when you're not scared of being shot.

  14. yeah today when I was outside for a fire drill 2 shots were heard all the staff and kids started running towards the doors to go in. right after the shots were heard 3 people called the police the construction worker,a teacher, and a school staff
    all the little kids were scared some fell down some started crying i was mad because yesterday their was another shotting on Sunyside one died and their is still blood on the side walk. Over all I feel sorry the little kids had to witness that event.

  15. "No one should have guns, it's not constitutional"

    Seriously? What public school taught you this?

    Just in case any kids are reading this blog the Second Amendment of our Constitution reads..."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Now, do your home work, study the document, and get to know your rights before people like "Stef" take them away.


  16. In Response to Uptown's commment: We are not rich white people, we are just a family trying to live in a home we can't possibly sell. What does being rich or white have anything to do with the surge of violence in the area? How is that even constructive to this blogged conversation?

    I'm just so sick of the race thing. Black, white, hispanic, asian, rich OR poor; we're all in the same neighborhood facing the same problems. All of the above call Uptown home and each of them I'm sure feel the same helplessness at watching the violence on their streets.

  17. @MsBarry17 Color is irrelevant in this discussion, absolutely. I was thinking about what one of the candidates for alderman said to my friend who asked what could be done and was told something to the effect that her concerns (crime) were "rich white people" concerns. This particular candidate is black but Schiller has said much the same many times.

  18. @ChipDouglas,

    There are many people in America (perhaps a minority of voters, however) who believe the Constitution does NOT guarantee the right of every civilian to carry a semi automatic. Just like the Bible, the Constitution is open to interpretation. I'm pretty sure I learned that in pubic school but it might have been the private university that followed.

    Seriously, can we be civil while we discuss what we all want, a peaceful life in Uptown/Chicago?

  19. Alderman can build and support the alliances needed to implement proven violence reduction strategies, which are working now in Garfield Park (Harrison District). See:

    When shooters are charged under state and local statutes, they can move in and out of the system with relative ease. But, if law enforcement is coordinated at all levels to build and make federal charges stick, the drop in violent crime is precipitous. Why? Defendants can't plead out on federal charges the way they can on state charges. The prospect of doing federal time has been shown to have a deterrent effect.

  20. "I have watched my condo's value drop 40% in 3 years but have continued to pay my mortgage but if the 40% drop in value wasnt enough to convince me to strategically default on my condo and get the hell out of here"

    Defaulting on your condo can lead to a lot of issues. If you want to get away from an upside down condo, you might want to consider bankruptcy or a short sale.

  21. "Take guns away, and legalize the things people want to do and we are safe."

    The problem is not what's legal or not. The problem is the lack of aggressive police power to enforce social order. As a liberal society, we have stripped law enforcement of most of its teeth.

  22. I want to know what can a new alderman do? I am hopeful that changes will be made when we do get someone new but the way things are going I am not sure how much power that person can have. Most of these problems were created by allowing such a high concentration of low income housing in combination with these drug clinics. i am hopeful but not sure how long it will take.

  23. >> Can a new alderman make a difference?

    Here are a couple immediate things:

    1) Alderman can put tremendous pressure on landlords. How 'bout a new city inspection for this or that every day until you comply with getting your tenants in shape? Concerned citizens, block clubs, business groups, etc. should have a much louder voice with the next Alderman.

    2) Alderman don't have control over the CPD, but they surely can help or hinder their efforts. The current alderman doesn't seem to care about crime and, from hearsay sources, is not interested in making the CPDs job easier in Uptown.

    3) Funding/Zoning power. Over the longer-term, an alderman can have a lot of power through zoning, funding, tifs, etc. to determine which businesses, not-for-profits, etc. can exist in certain locations. They also control liquor licenses.

    As for the "legalize drugs" person, while I personally an in favor of legalizing pot and also having far more of a "drug abuse is a disease rather than a felony" mentality: a) this is a federal, not a city issue, b) no one is seriously considering legalizing meth, crack, etc. and c) per discussions with the CPD, pot sales are tiny in comparison to the harder stuff (e.g., crack) in our neighborhood. "Legalize it" is a slogan, not a serious proposal or solution to our immediate issues.

  24. Alderman also have the ability to speak directly to commanders in their police district and request additional officers or that they target specific areas with patrols. Of course given the shortage of cops they can't request tons of new cops...and their request may be denied..but it's still within their realm.

  25. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Exactly, my point exactly. A well regulated militia, for the security of a free state. Not individuals, not for home protection, not for hunting. A well regulated militia, and we have one of those.

  26. "What a great country it would be if our children were regularly and legally exposed to mommy and daddy's coke and meth habits. Yikes!"

    Do you think they are not already?

    Legalizing drugs in no way implies that all of a sudden our society is going to turn into one big meth lab. The people who want to do drugs, do, and the ones that don't don't. Why should some drugs be illegal and others not? Why should pharmaceutical companies make profits off of synthetic drugs that can be and many times are more harmful than a natural, yet illegal drug? If an adult wants to get high in the privacy of their own home, shouldn't they be allowed to do that? Why are crack cocaine and powder cocaine laws so dramatically different? We arbitrarily criminalize whole sectors of our society, for what people want, and blame them for the system we have created. The issue of crime is very complicated, but just avoiding it doesn't make it better. There is a way to legitimize what people are getting shot over. The war on drugs is creating a war on our society, and the police can't do anything, you can't just lock up that many people; it's too big and we are already wasting too much money locking people up for drugs. The demand will never go away, it will never end. We can legalize drugs, and make legitimate business out of what our society so clearly wants, and isn't going to give up anytime soon.

  27. It's still the "right of the people" not the state. The militia of the time when the Constitution was written were individual citizens, not organized and paid entities like the police or national defense forces. The intent has always been, and contrary to your hope, always will be for individuals to bear arms. You cannot say it's unconstitutional because that denies all history including that of the only interpreter that matters, the U.S. Supreme Court.

    That being said, I agree with Uptown about semi-automatics and there being limitations, but the original comment was no one should own guns. Having grown up in a small community where deer hunting was a part of life, denying guns will never be a reasonable solution.

  28. Portugal decriminalized the use of ALL drugs in 2001. Since then, both violent and non-violent crime has dropped, drug use has dropped, and the amount of people seeking treatment for drug use has doubled.

  29. The city needs cheap solutions,since there doesn't seem to be any money for ANYTHING.The sad thing is,if you take drastic measures(like bringing back the loitering law,like threatening to send every gang member in Chicago to a deserted island if they don't stop the violence,like threatening to send ANYONE who's caught with an unregistered gun to a deserted island-the jails and prisons are not a deterrent,especially if they have a police record at the time),so-called leaders would call these things racist and unconstitutional.But these leaders have bodyguards 24/7 and aren't living in the middle of this nonsense.The city is broke,no money for more police,many programs are being cut due to lack of funds,police are being moved to so-called worse areas of the city,the thugs are moving from there to the North side,where many tend to let their gusrd down a lot more and continue to think,"nothing bad ever happens over here".Stop being so naive,people.One other thing,these thugs don't just know other thugs.Many of the ones in their family don't try to discourage them from this nonsense.These gang members are sons,daughters,nephews,nieces,parents,husbands,boyfriends,girlfriends,uncles,aunts.

  30. Sneki,

    The intent was never for individuals to bear arms. Only members of a well-regulated militia. Those were never "inividuals", but members of our first military protecting us from invasions, they were organized; and because this could happen at anytime, the military slept in their own homes and needed their firearms with them. Today, such things are not practical, and the constitution was meant to be adapted as times changed. We have a well-regulated militia, the biggest in the world. Individuals never had the right to bear arms, not for protecting their private property and not for hunting.

  31. To suggest the individuals with arms were a "well-regulated militia" in colonial days is just wrong. It is still a "right of the people" to bear arms as has been validated throughout 200+ years of history. Sadly for you the Supreme Court has always taken that perspective and always will.

    Also, try growing up in a small town where hunting is an anti-poverty tool, then come back and say guns should be eliminated. Even those of us in favor of general gun control don't believe it eliminating the right to ANY fire arm.

    Again, you still contradict yourself in allowing individual rights for drugs, prostitution, but not for guns.

  32. Drugs and prostitution don't hurt others. Guns do. It's pretty simple. If a person wants to do drugs, they should be allowed to do so, if a person wants to sell or buy sex, they should be allowed to do so. Individuals don't have the right to kill others, and don't have the right to weapons designed to kill others.

  33. Stef

    You're beginning to sound just like one of my childhood friends who never thought he was hurting himself or anyone around him when he used heroin. I'd say he wrecked havoc on all of us: his friends, his family, most of all himself for several years before he O.D.'d his final time.

  34. OMG, when I first read Stef's post I thought she was a troll stirring the pot. Then I thought that perhaps she posted all that drivel in an ill fated attempt at humor.It's apparent that she is neither, that she's another misinformed person who doesn't have a clue.
    The Constitution DOES guarantee the right to keep and bear arms Stef. The USSC said as much in their recent decision. You may not like that, you may not agree with it but that's the way it is. And as far as the regular citizen not needing one, as a Chicago Police Officer for almost thirty years, I strongly disagree. As a matter of fact I encourage ALL citizens to have at least one firearm within reach at all times. I consider it a basic tool that is essential to survival in today's troubled times. Essential in an society that repeatedly re-elects people who have absolutely no regard for the well being or safety of their constituents. In a society that has a "judicial system" that bends over backwards to accommodate the criminal element. And by "accommodate" I do not mean ensuring the basic freedoms we are all entitled to, I mean stacking the deck against the victim, the complainant in favor of the defendant at every possible chance. I don't know where you get your outlandish and outrageous ideas but they are as ridiculous as ridiculous can be. All Americans have the right to self defense. It is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Try reading it some time. The entire Constitution. And don't quote the parts that YOU think matter and discard the rest. Read the whole thing. You are dead wrong on your assessment of guns in today's society. Dead wrong. Criminals LOVE people like you. They know that you will not possess the weapons that people need to fight back and that you probably would not use them if you did.
    And to the poster that suggests banishing someone to a desert island if caught with an unregistered firearm, tell me of one single crime that registration has prevented. Tell me how registration has prevented one single criminal from obtaining a gun. Tell me what registration accomplishes besides enriching the coffers richard daley and his evil cabal.

  35. Well put Big Daddy! And thank you for you 30 years of service.

    Stef- Wow, really?!?! What bubble did you grow up in? You should go climb back into it. If you want to live on the outside with the rest of us I suggest you keep your mouth shut and refrain from posting comments until you get yourself educated.