Monday, November 1, 2010

CBS 2 Needs Eyewitnesses To Halloween Shootings

CBS 2's Mai Martinez is working on a story for tonight's news regarding the Halloween shootings. She needs to hear from eyewitnesses who have photos, first-hand accounts, or videos to share. She can be reached at


  1. I hope EVERYONE is doing what I just did.. and emailing her and asking if she is interviewing Alderman Shiller,, who is still collecting $10k a month plus expenses as our Alderman...

  2. Just did the same thing SuperHero.

  3. Here is the response I received from Ms. Martinez:

    "Thank you for your email. We have reached out to Ald. Shiller, but have not received a response from her or her office at this time."


  4. Whoa ... really ... this is a ... surprise.

  5. I think part of why this is becoming a bigger story is
    because it happened on halloween,
    gives the story its hook.

    And ofcourse the other reason being, the amazingly chronic nature of these repeated shootings on the NorthSide of Chicago.
    Its really the standout/concentrated area for shootings on the Northside.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease,
    and this wheel was blownout long ago and now bare metal has scraping the roadway for sometime, pretty soon the car will explode.

  6. I took your advice. I emailed Mai and copied the alderman. If she responds, I'll let you know though I think I have better chance of being hit by a toilet bowl via the MIR space station than the alderman caring about uptown. Is there a way to impeach her?

  7. I just sent her a similar e-mail and others should to.

  8. Updated story, w/video.

    Note - I'd like to know who is blaming Shiller for the recent violence, since I'm not sure who that might be.

    I do know that, historically, the issue with Shiller is the fact that she won't even recognize that there's a problem.

  9. When I e-mailed I was careful not to "blame" the alderman for this violence, but instead complain about the lack of a response from her office addressing the issue like what happens in other wards (Ald. Tunney sends out e-mails with advice/warnings etc when something happens in his ward)