Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prayer Vigil Against Violence


  1. Really?!?! A prayer vigil???
    This makes me chuckle and not in a funny haha kind of way.

  2. Seriously, another vigil - FOR GANGBANGERS? Here's a news flash, they don't care, they don't listen and you'll most likely hear gun fire. No thanks, not worth riskin' my life.

    We don't need vigils, we need police and leadership that will do what needs to be done to rid the neighborhood of this SCUM on earth.
    Ohhhh, I have an idea, get Pfleger to march as well, that always helps.

    I'll tell you one thing, if I see any of the candidates for Alderman organizing or promoting another "vigil" or "march" they're off my list.


  3. I totally agree. I think a prayer vigil is absolutely ridiculous.....

  4. I'm under the impression that this vigil is for the innocent victims of the weekend violence, no?

  5. I'm under the impression that this vigil is for the innocent victims of the weekend violence, no?


    Read the flier.

    The prayers are for the "young men shot ... "

    I guess the 13 year old girl in critical condition doesn't get any prayers.


  6. Maybe all the bangers will show up and pray - I'm sure they all have souls in there somewhere. Maybe they are all just misunderstood. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  7. OH Christ, I didn't even read that far...."for the young men shot" - you've gotta be kidding I'm really pissed.

  8. Well, in the CFC's defense, they are using a template to generate that flier - and the victims are usually young men.

    Having said that, it's always a good idea to proofread.

  9. Interesting.

    Seems as though we have a discrepancy in the reports:

    13-year-old girl, 2 others shot in Uptown

    Sun Times says "girl"

    As does, Chicago News Report:

    Marlos Canteberry Shot & Killed in Uptown; 4, Including 13-year-old girl, Wounded by Gunfire

  10. Yep. From the looks of it, all of the early reports were "girl", but subsequent were "boy".

    Thanks for the correction.

  11. Someone with intelligence would research the story before commenting on it.The vigil was held for the victom marlos canteberry. who was not a gangbanger just a hard working man with a child who lost his life for living in the wrong neighborhood.

  12. Marlos Canteberry my brother who was taken for no reason what so ever.

    chinadoll thanks for your comments about my brother.