Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out Of Control Guest At Wilson Men's Club

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"The police just called for a taser unit (around 3:40pm) for an out of control guest at Jay Bomberg's Hotel & Spa (aka Wilson Men's Club) at Wilson & Clifton."


  1. I think he was pissed that Harold's Chicken is taking so long to open or else he finally came to the realization that "My God, I'm a grown man living in a place like the Wilson Men's Club and I've essentially wasted most of my life accomplishing nothing while being a burden to tax payers".

    Yeah, I'd be pissed too.

  2. Maybe this guy was pissed that he has to live in close proximity to registered sex offenders, or the fact that people keep getting shot near his address, maybe he was mad that he cant hangout on Clifton anymore because residents fought to get rid of that tradition (must note here that Jay Bomberg fought to allow this negative tradition) Or maybe the fact that Jay Bomberg drives a nice shiny new Range Rover on some days and a nice new shiny New Orange Corvette on other days to administer the people he cares for like animals in one of the last remaining chicken wire caged SRO's in the United States

  3. Maybe he realized that Bomberg was making a ton of money off of this and was pissed he didn't think of it first!!

    I am going with the fact that he was mad because Bristol Palin didn't win.

    Its all Bush/Obama/Cheney/Daley/ The Cubs Management's fault anyway...

  4. I'm continually shocked, that anything 'bad' happens within the 400 foot radius of our beloved 46th Ward Office.
    I'm lying.

    Actually, despite the good intent of our elected Alderman, MOST of the drama, criminal or otherwise, seems to radiate from this spot?
    Again, none of this makes any sense.

  5. Where does Jay Bomberg live? Out in a McMansion in Hinsdale with Peter Holsten?

  6. I'm realizing there's big $ in affordable housing, it's not all warm and fuzzy thoughts on the part of the provider. Do the calculations, folks!

  7. Nice work, junior reporters. The incident involved a woman (no women at the mens hotel, last I heard), who had a seizure (thats why the paramedics were called, notice the fire truck?), she lived above the 7-11 (not the mens hotel). BTW, I checked, there are Former sex offenders, but no Current sex offenders (since Bomberg took over 3 years ago) at the MH . Slow news day, huh? YOU'RE FIRED! (I like his cars too)

  8. The residential hotel above the 7-11 is a well-run facility. Jay Bomberg won a Good Neighbor Award from the Chicago Association of Realtors several years ago in recognition of his upgrading and management of the building, which used to house the Jane Addams Center on the main floor.