Monday, November 29, 2010

May We Suggest A Sensor On This Viaduct?

Engineers installed sensors in a CTA viaduct at Sheridan & Devon to determine whether or not they are safe for the L passengers who pass over them everyday. Our bridge at Broadway and Leland should be another top candidate.

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  1. Nah, it looks that "it's going to crumble at any moment" way.

  2. Come on people. Get off your butts.

    Where's Jeffrey Littleton?

    I have a 12 foot ladder.

    We can head over there with some "Jif Set" concrete mix, a couple of trowels and JP Paulus to direct traffic around our work area and pray that we accept him as our savior.

    It'll be done as soon as the rain stops.

  3. Thanks Mr. grown man playing pirate (jokingly....just sayin', don't wanna hurt your feelin').

    I have a suggestion though seriously.
    Why not plaster, or place (legally) this photo on every purple-line station since that is the line that runs over it every day.

    Imagine how many lawyers who leave the BMW parked got no idea what they are rolling over daily. How could they know since the Monitor Mens Wear closed and they don't come to by their suits here anymore. I won't do it...why would I?

    And for the 15th last time I didn't use a ladder you armchair Crafty Beavers...I used a R-O-L-L-E-R P-O-L-E
    Say it slowly at first....roooollleeeer there it wasn't so bad.
    If I get one more remark about Bronco Billy tag I just might tag it up myself. harharhar
    No I won't, can't stand grafitti...graffito is another matter, that takes real skills.

    Does JPP have a reflective vest IrratPirate? Nobody gets hurt and we all go home.

    The Irish people are proud of what they share with others.

    Pirates are proud of what they take from others.

    Again just saying...artists are different dontcha know.

  4. I guess most intelligent people would look at this viaduct and say I am NEVER taking the red line near THAT stop or the one on Leland. You have to wonder how many years of deferred maintenance have gone by to have it look like that. I wouldn't want to walk anywhere near it too!

  5. Where's a civil engineer when we need one? I'd like to get a rough sense of what the safety factor was in the original design.

    Remember that construction took place long before the advent of computers and finite element analysis. Everything was overbuilt then. It's quite possible that, aesthetic issues aside, we're just fine.

    - - -

    To put it another way, the bridge *looks* bad, but it may be doing its job.

  6. Isn't the concrete section part of the old service track that is no longer being used? I'm pretty sure the metal section is the actual track that the train runs on daily.

    Would love to see them demolish the unused concrete structure and paint the metal beams.

  7. those tracks are not L tracks. They have not been used for years. I think we, as a community, should press our next aldermen (both 48th and 46th) to work towards removing those tracks and painting the steel on the L tracks to improve the look of the area.

  8. I believe a number of you are mistaken. These tracks are used for the Purple Line. They also get occasional Red Line use when the main tracks are closed for construction. They most certainly are functional.

  9. Oh Snap! I knew there was a reason I've never ridden the Purple Line.