Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hardest Working Man In Uptown Also Sex Offender

A reader sends in the following info:
"Pretty sure you've already spotted this since it hit the Sun-Times but a resident of Cornerstone homeless shelter on Clifton was very busy this fall gathering signatures for Rev Meeks and Rahm Emanuel's tenant to run for Mayor.

The Sun-Times article says he collected over 7000 total signatures. Based on personal experience, paid petition seekers can get paid from $1 to $3 for each valid signature gathered for a candidate. The guy probably had a pretty nice payday. Shockingly, Cornerstone hasn't seen Mr. Arthur Hardy, Jr since before Thanksgiving which is about the same time he probably got paid.

Worse for Uptown, this guy is a repeated convict, and a non-compliant registered sex offender according to the Tribune.

I hope you can run this asap with a request for any readers who spot him to call 911, as a non-compliant sex offender he would be picked up by CPD for arrest and a probation or registration hold immediately.

Would be nice if Cornerstone got their act together enough to not let registered sex offenders stay at their facilities across from Truman's Day Care, or down the block from their own shelter for homeless families with kids."


  1. The circulator in the Sun-Times story gave his name as Arthur Hardy, JR...and the addresses don't match up.

    Are you SURE you've got the same guy?

  2. The Arthur Hardy pictured is the only "Arthur Hardy" listed on the Illinois Sex Offender site. He is also the only "Hardy" listed as non-compliant which is mentioned in the Trib story. The Rockford address listed is for the county jail. The Trib story also mentions Mr. Hardy being in Stateville Prison in Joliet after being caught too close to children in DuPage county. Mr. Hardy has been all over the burbs apparently.

  3. The Tribune article linked lower down in the post seems to me to clearly say it's the same guy.


    One hell of a coincidence if there are two 37 year old Arthur Hardy's in Chicago/Illinois with a criminal record.

    Although if it is a coincidence, doesn't it seem inevitable that at least one would live in Uptown?

  4. Are homeless shelters regulated by the state/county/city? If not, I think your complaints should be directed toward them first before casting aspersions against a humanitarian organization.

    And while I don't excuse Handy's crimes, they did not involve day care aged children. The man's not a child molester. So connecting him as a threat to Truman's Day Care is somewhat off the mark.

  5. At 5'5" and 199, he shouldn't be hard to find, right? Well, that is, if he's not smart enough to leave Uptown...

  6. QBRNST:
    so will you help give him work by letting him babysit your kids or relatives? i mean, he's never been convicted of molesting kids, so it should be no problem, right???

  7. I am personally sympathetic to the need for employment and housing opportunities for ex-offenders, including in many cases, sex offenders. It's just a recipe for an endless cycle of recidivism otherwise.

    But looking at his rap sheet from the Illinois registry, I do not think he should be living within a block of a day care center or a homeless shelter focused on single women with children like Cornerstone runs.

    Victim was 16 years of age
    Offender was 22 at the time of the offense

    Skimming the sex offender registry, a few seem to be staying at the People's Church REST shelter over at 941 W Lawrence. I don't know as much about that one, but it seems a more suitable spot for recent ex-cons rather than 1/2 block from Hannah House and Sylvia Center on Clifton and their family-centric clientele.

  8. Cornerstone has long been a problem shelter in the ward. The community need to work together to ensure they stay compliant with the laws. I was disappointed to see one of our aldermanic candidates volunteering there recently. There are many more worth shelters in the ward that operate with much better standards. We should not reward the shelters that do no operate for the good of their clients and the community.

  9. @ magandl,

    I fully agree shelters and fried chicken stands for that matter need to comply with the laws.

    However in regards to a candidate volunteering I respectfully disagree.

    Is it not better to have a candidate or elected official who is willing to check things out for themselves? Sure there are voluminous amount of opinions one way or the other but give him or her credit for doing their own footwork.

    I am sure the candidate came away with a better grasp on the affairs of Cornerstone from the effort..be it negative or positive.

    I can only speak for myself, my knowledge of Cornerstone isn't comprehensive but I know personally of 3 success stories and there are certainly more. The stories are long-winded and dull but the individuals involved are in a better and more productive place, both in life and society.

    If I see this chubby little guy, its 911 on the run.

    Do people really get paid that much to collect signatures? News to me...

  10. This Arthur Hardy looks very very much like a homeless man I saw on Clark St. one night who... as I walked by put his arms out, walking towards me and asked, "could you give a homeless man a hug please?". I wasn't prepared with a response to that. That was new for me in Uptown. I normally get begging for money and maybe a lame story about how their father/mother is in, or needs to go to the hospital, and they just need a little money to pay for the bus/train... but a hug. That was new.
    I hope no one is giving him hugs. Hmmm, I don't know how to handle that one... Call 911??

  11. Here is suntimes update on Mr. Hardy:


  12. A hug? sounds like a great move for a pickpocket...