Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lakeview Activist And Shiller Supporter Turns 80

A reader sends in the following info and link:
"One time 46th ward aldermanic candidate and Lakeview community activist Charlotte Newfeld turned 80 this week. She is one of Ald. Shiller's staunchest supporters and according to this article, she is throwing her support behind Don Nowatny. Interesting."

Read the Windy City Times article by Joseph Erbentraut here
photo by Hal Baim


  1. Okay so I guess that is NOT a good endorsement for this guy.

    We want change! Not the same old same old staunch supporter of the other alderman

    Ok, anyways I have business in Uptown every week, so I have decided to adopt Winthrop inbetween Lawrence and Leland as my block to pickup and fix up.

    I live in a similar block in Rogers Park, its the same kindof block, its right around the corner from the El stop just like this Block, my EL stop is the Morse EL stop. ANyways, I cant believe the amount of litter there, well today 11/24/10 in about 3-5 minutes flat I picked it all up and about filled the trash can at lawrence and winthrop. One of the items was a trashed umbrella, and basically alot of liquor or food items.

    Okay so the nasty truck is gone,
    A nice big blue Truck is there now, I guess thats progress,
    But someone tell me WHY is the FENCE falling apart on that parking lot for the Aragon?

    I dont like that parking lot,
    it has an old filling station there, so thats cute, but otherwise its a necessary evil for the concerts at the Aragon.

    UNFORTUNATELY tonights concert
    is DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore (fame?), the bartender at the uptown lounge is DREADING tonight. They are expecting alot of suburbanites......

    I dont live in Uptown, but Im there enough where I am actually going to do something PHYSICALLY to help the neigborhood. Every single week.

    Ive always backed the underdog,
    and Uptown is one of the biggest underdogs Ive seen.

  2. Thats awesome geofredo...Uptown is an Underdog for sure, but with lots of potential.
    The street in Rogers Park your talking about is Glenwood, my best guess?
    Thanks for adopting the block...I like the spirit!

    I've never seen Jersey Shore...they tell me it not so nice....

  3. Its Wayne JL

    Wayne and Morse in the gang world is


    All mighty Brazers vs the Gangster Disciples.

  4. OH yeah and Jersey Shore is interesing only if you are ignorant of the weird subculture of the east coast that is rhode island, conn, newjersey...
    where you have strange guido people that are way too pumped up on hairspray and tanning and working out and bad music. And they like to drink a whole lot. Ofcourse.

    South Park can bring you up to speed.

    Its like we never really escaped the worst of the eighties.

  5. Over time I have become much more aware of litter and where it is and where it isnt.

    Picking up litter to me is one of the most gratifying things that one can do. Most people are just oblivious to it or disgusted by it or add to it.

    I am now vowing to pickup Winthrop inbetween Lawrence and Leland for the forseeable future once weekly when I am there.

    There is a weird small plastic kitchen garbage container by chase and a garbage can at the corner of lawrence and winthrop, if these are not satifactory for garbage containment then I will bring the picked up garbage to another container in a nearby alley.


    Usually none. But plastic bags help and I have plenty of those.
    But alot of times plastic bags are floating around anyways.

    Litters greatest ally is ........

    Its greatest enemy is.......

  6. I had this woman yell at me at a community meeting one time. She told me that I hated poor people and that I was incredibly insensitive and rude for not letting the COURAJ guy speak as long as he wanted(because clearly if you're poor, rules don't apply).

    That fact that she's support Don ensures that I will never ever vote for him, and pretty much sums up that he'll be Shiller 2.0, which we clearly don't need.

  7. Hey Geofredo, That sounds crazy man.....I like it, its my kinda crazy!

    If you see some graffiti that needs attention give me a shout out. If I can't take care of it myself I will follow through on the 311 call.

    Some folks may think its just for attention or "the glory" but don't worry 'bout it. They are good people, just suspicious of the unconventional of unfamiliar.

    Besides...picking up garbage and doing a splash-n-dash isn't quite as glorious as it may sound,believe me, but it gets the job done.

    Maybe an adopt-O-block program could grow legs in the future. In case you haven't heard we are gettin' ourselves a spanking new Alderman next who knows.

    Cheers and hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving! Posting is good for the digestion dontcha know.


  8. @ Geofredo,

    Thanks for being awesome! The few times I've picked up trash over on my street I was also filled with that warm squishy feeling. Doing things positive in the "hood" feels good. You've inspired me to get out there more frequently.

    And your right, it really does only take 10 minutes for a single person to do an entire block, both sides of the street. I can imagine the pristine, post card image of what Uptown could look like if more of us could do this simple little thing.

  9. I HATE LITTER! I've got Lawrence covered, east of Sheridan. I feel that if people see you picking up and talking to yourself rather loudly about how you hate litter, some of them get the hint. Some of them, I said. Good post and great idea geofredo (adopt a block).