Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grand Opening Of New Town Hall Police Station

Today the ribbon was cut on the new 23rd District Police Station, and Mayor Daley, Ald. Tom Tunney, Ald. Vi Daley, Ald. Gene Schulter, Ald. Mary Ann Smith, and Police Sup't Jody Weis were all there.  Surprise, so was Ald. Helen Shiller.  The police expect to be completely moved into the new facility by November 22.

For a description of the day's festivities, the new station, and some history of the old station (built in 1872, the year after the Chicago Fire), read about it in Gay Chicago Magazine.

For a slide show of the progress on the building, from May 2009 through October 2010, click here.


  1. Drove by this the other day, and it is a fairly striking design.

    It's good to see the city investing in upgrading police facilities.

    Now, if we only had enough officers to actually use the darned thing.

  2. It really is a fantastic looking building, and an expanded police station is definitely a positive addition to the south part of the ward.

    As for Helen's appearance at the grand opening, given the high level of respect and support she and her political allies have shown police officers over the years, um, uh, no . . . maybe she thought they would have some free muffins?

  3. If you want to maintain our level of Police protection in the 23rd District, please contact the following:
    Superintendent Weis 312-745-6100
    Chief of Staff Masters 312-745-6158
    Deputy Chief Area 3 (19,20,23,24) Rottner 312-744-4932
    Commander 23rd District Boehmer 312-744-4153

    Tell them you want to keep police officers in the district since you are a tax payer and deserve important city services to stay here and not get shipped off to other parts of the city.

  4. Where is this new station located? I have not seen it, nor was I aware that it was opening.

    Seems kind of odd that they are opening a new station when just last week they were talking about cutting down on the number of tact teams in the area.

  5. UT, it's directly adjacent to the "old" police station at Halsted and addison (it spans west on Addison from that corner) and contains the parking garage you may have seen under construction.

    It's my understanding based on an earlier comment that this station will have the ability to book/hold suspects so that a 23rd precinct officer no longer needs to leave the district to take them to another station for processing.

  6. So, rowdy Cubs fans, YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!