Saturday, November 6, 2010

Endorsements Already? Seriously?

A reader sends in something quite interesting. We checked with friends who confirmed that they also received this same letter through their block club:

"A source sent me the following, which I understand was circulated to an email list of Aldermanic Candidate Retta's supporters. Have Alderman Smith and former Alderman Volini really already endorsed a candidate for the open seat in the 46th? If so, why the choice of Candidate Retta over the others?"

"Our first Fundraiser at the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant was a great success!

We had so many supporters who attended. What made this event even more special was that I received the endorsements from our good friends in the neighboring 48th Ward--- Alderman Mary Ann Smith, former Alderman Marion Volini and former Committeeman Michael Volini. Also we had in attendance Cook County Clerk David Orr who spoke about the importance of getting involved in the electoral process by voting and urging friends and family members to vote.

The committee of this event, who put it all together, did a wonderful job. Our special thanks to Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant owner, Almaz Yigizaw and her staff for hosting this memorable event.

For those who did not make it, you can still mail your donation to Friends for Befekadu T. Retta, 5041 N. Kenmore Unit A Chicago, IL 60640, or drop it at the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant. For farther information and upcoming events please visit

Thank you and On to Victory!"


  1. I think that we can safely assume that Beefykadoo likes to stretch the meaning of many things to fit his definition of "truth"...we have ample evidence of that just based upon his website suddenly making Voice-sponsored events of his "disappear" without explanation when they've been pointed out here (and I'm not drawing the distinction between Beefy and his campaign, because if he can't control his own campaign apparatus, he sure as hell can't control an aldermanic office--he and the campaign are one and the same).

    So with that being said, NEVER assume that "endorsements" are real unless they come directly from the lips or on the letterhead of the "endorser". And there needs to be some verbage and other proof there, too.

    Try again, keep digging yourself deeper into a hole every time you do an amateurish mis-step without explaining yourself.

  2. I'd say if Aldermanic Candidate Befekadu Retta has FALSELY stated that he has "received the endorsements from...48th Ward--- Alderman Mary Ann Smith, former Alderman Marion Volini and former Committeeman Michael Volini", then he has lost ANY chance he had at winning an election for Alderman in the 46th Ward.

  3. Retta works for Cook County, right?

    Does he work for Orr's office?

    That MIGHT explain this if true.

  4. Does he work for Orr's office?

    • Currently working at Cook County Clerk's Office Election Department from 2002 – Present

    Did Orr speak towards Retta'a candidacy, or simply show up to promote (and rightly so) the value of voting?

    As for the Volinis ...... hm.

    Regardless, if these were endorsements from such good friends, I'm half expect to see them on the campaign website so that I might read more.

  5. i'd agree with Yo in the sense that the "endorsements" were something positive said toward Mr. Retta...though i think more as a person & community leader, and not necessarily specifically 46th ward aldermanic candidate.

    So it's true, if enough spinis applied.

    Meanwhile, Bear60640's "nickname" for Mr. Retta extremely rude at the least, sounds like a stereotypical Redneck in mocking his name. (Unless he has similar nicknames for ALL candidates)