Friday, November 19, 2010

Disney School Parking Closed?

A reader asks:  "Have you heard anything about what is going on at the parking lot behind the Disney school at Clarendon and Belle Plaine? There are signs posted all over that the business that manages the parking lot was closed by order of the city of Chicago. Just wondering whether they are still collecting money for that lot and if so, where it's going. The signs appeared in the last couple of days."


  1. Noticed those.

    I wonder if this means the towing company is still towing cars from the lot. I would assume if Disney isn't being paid by the "Parking company" for use of the spots, then Disney could have any cars towed at any time.

    If you are a monthly parker there, I would definitely stop sending in checks now and maybe give Disney a call.

  2. I just called the lot (I park at the Bredeman School, where these signs also are there) and they said that the GPS parking company is having issues with the city, but the Black and White Valet company is still functioning, and will send out notices soon. Basically, if you are a monthly parker, you still pay what you have been paying and sending to the address you have been sending it to until further notice. For hourly parkers, who knows? Maybe free parking for all! (Don't quote me on that though!)

  3. No way in He.. would I recommend sending another check to the parking company.

    The City has given the parkers warning that this vendor is no longer in charge of the lot - most likely for failure to remit the Disney share of the parking proceeds to the Chicago Public Schools or for failing to fund the infrastructure changes required by the zoning code change that allowed the school lots to be used for commercial purposes. (My best guess speculation.)

    Either way, where money is at stake and you know that one party is showing signs of being financially insolvent or irresponsible, the last thing you want is to hand that party your cash. And, of course, they will lie and tell you to send them the cash.

    After paying the former vendor, the school or a new parking manager could insist upon another payment from you to them. They are under no obligation to seek the payment from the former vendor, whom you should not have paid. All they legally have to do is insist upon a second monthly fee to them.

    Bew careful, folks.

  4. The signs from the Brenneman lot were removed Friday. From a neighbor on Thursday:

    I called the city's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection regarding the orange sticker on the parking lot sign that says "business closed by order of the City of Chicago." The woman said Black and White Valet does not have a proper license to conduct business in the city. She referred me to the company, so I also called them. The woman said representatives from the business are at city hall to straighten it out. She said cars will not be towed and the sticker should be removed tomorrow.