Friday, November 19, 2010

And Now There Are Six

Diane Shapiro, the 46th Ward's Republican Committeeman, filed her petitions to run for alderman yesterday at 10:03am.  We can't find an election website for her (we took this photo from the 46th Ward GOP site), so please let us know if you come across one.

Update:  Steven Chereska has filed to be the third candidate in the 48th Ward to a submit nominating petition.  Phil Bernstein remains declared, but has not yet turned in petitions.


  1. Que Irish Pirate Sarah Palin Joke in 5..4..3..2..

  2. Don't you mean eight? There's eight listed to the right of this page...

  3. Not all eight on the side of the page have filed petitions. Diane is the sixth candidate to do so. There are several other "stealth" candidates we've heard about who may be filing petitions prior to Monday's deadline, as well.

    UU will update the lists, including all who've filed nominating petitions, when the filing period is over.

  4. Chipster,

    Palin is joke enough. Youbetcha.

    As for Ms Shapiro the election is non partisan so she won't be identified as a Repub on the ballot.

    Diane Shapiro is a decent ballot "name" for the 46th Ward. Identifiably Jewish and female. She could also pull the votes of the 20 percent of voters here who identify as GOP'ers.

    Between you and Wiseguy and possibly Yo she could be approaching double digits vote wise.

    Seriously, I doubt she would make the runoff, but she could be a factor in the race. Molly Phelan also had a great ballot name, but with additional ballot names that are identifiably female her chances are dropping faster than the sales on George W Bush's book.

    Seriously, Emily Stewart is a good ballot name. Female. Kinda blank ethnicity wise. Lotsa good ballot names among the females.

    Now if Ms Davis joins the race, please God let it be, the fun will be overwhelming.

    Barring some type of major scandal involving Snookie from "Jersey Shore", I'd have to bet on Cappleman making the runoff. Now who will be the second person in the runoff I'm less sure of. My guess would be Nowatny, but with this many candidates it's difficult to see. You'll have candidates who have little chance at the runoff pulling votes from candidates who do have a shot.

    Seriously, with one exception, which I won't name because I am kind and good, I can see any of the other "announced" candidates making the runoff. Someone could theoretically make the runoff with 15 percent or less of the vote if every candidate has near double digit or better drawing power.

    Hard to see the future is. Although, I was up on my roof deck earlier and I swear I saw Russia.*

    *obvious Palin swipe

    PS I was hoping Betty Loren Maltese might move into the ward and run so Wiseguy would have a mobbed up candidate with big hair and a criminal background.

  5. We need a like button on UU. I like IrishPirates comment!

  6. I don't know whether I should be amused or afraid that "having an identifiably female name" is a winning political strategy in Uptown.

    I just hope you're not saying you would have voted for "Helen Schillowitz"...

  7. Luke,

    ballot names matter.

    I'm not saying it should, but it does.

    As for Shiller I know a few people who supported her because she was Jewish. Just like some people will support Cappleman or Nowotny because they are gay or Molly because she has an Irish name or Shapiro because of the Jewish name etc etc.

    Look at how well Judges with Irish names do in Cook County elections.

    There have even been instances of people changing their names to run for office.

    As for the benefit of being the only female in a race I think that's clear. It would also be a benefit to be the only male in a race with multiple female candidates. Being the "only" anything might be a benefit in a race with a large enough number of candidates.

    It's similar to trying to get first or last ballot position in a race. Some people just check the first or late name they see.

  8. Betty Loren Maltese is no bigger a crook then most Chicago politicians. She is liked by thousands still to this day. I don`t judge a person just because they have a criminal backgorund. I judge them by the results they can make. She might have had a few fingers in the til but I really don`t see any political official who don`t in one way or another. I could care less as long as they get and give results. The way she ran her town is still liked and remembered by residents who surely miss her and I would surely give her my vote no matter what.

  9. All the candidates know that it's probably good to be the only candidate who fits in a particular category, be it their gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

    I'm betting more than one candidate had his or her hopes dashed by some of the other people jumping into this race. Looks like they will now have to do a little more work to get elected. Now let's see who stays on the ballot.

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  11. "Wiseguy", it appears that you don't mind if someone has a criminal background **as long as they are Republicans**.

    Don't forget what you said, because the next time you go off calling the non-GOP criminals in the neighborhood "scum", I'm calling you on it.

  12. It's hard to take Wiseguy's comments about crime seriously since he has a blog glorifying The Mafia.