Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Gallery/Artist Exchange Open House

Nice to see a haven for local artists open its doors. There's an Open House on Friday for all neighbors (Facebook invitation is here). "Strictly Locals" is located at 4866 N. Clark, just south of Ceres' Table and just north of Rainbo Village.

"We're opening a new gallery/artist exchange in the Andersonville/ Uptown neighborhood. Strictly Locals takes the idea of artists renting retail space to display and sell their product and has elevated the concept to a living and breathing artists’ exchange catering to the Chicago art community. Artists will rent wall space, jewelry cases, shelf space or just plain floor space. Strictly Locals will support the artist with sales staff, marketing, branding, promotion and education.  We'll also host a number of events, classes, shows, and performances.

Strictly Locals opens its doors on Monday, November 15th, with a Open House scheduled for Friday, November 19th."


  1. WONDERFUL! Just in time for the holidays! Please people,support your local businesses as this beautiful time of the year!

  2. Interesting....I wonder how much they charge the artists. It may come as a shock but most artists are less than flush with cash. I hope it works, this craetive business plan. They fixed up the space very nice, Clark St. has been looking up these days or is it just me?

    Welcome to the neighborhood Strictly Locals!

  3. You can find more information about how Strictly Locals came together at

    If you dont have facebook:

  4. I checked it out last night. It looked like a good turn-out, the hummus finger food and keg beer was nice.
    An interesting batch of artists, some good stuff.
    Didn't stay long cause my son was in town and he gets bored easy.
    It has a good look, plenty of parking so close to Lincln Towing and all.
    Will it survive....I have no idea....if I did I woulda coulda sold some more of my own art already for cying-out-loud. Come to think of it I've never sold a piece of art in Uptown, despite the overwhelming attention and commitment for the arts we have here in the Uptown community. heh heh heh........ sigh.....

    Best O Luck to our new neighbor...Strictly Locals!!

  5. Only one minor gripe.

    It says Andersonville....(gasp).... on thier blospot site. Nobody ever says their car got towed by Lincoln Towing of Andersonville...Arrrggh!

    Yes its pet peeve time!

    Like when the awesome new Chava Cafe is in Ravenswood...but the dodgy Carols Pub across the street is Uptown.

    We are likes da Rodney Dangerfield hood of the northside!

    Could we compromise with a Uptown/Andersonville SL?

    Cheers, JL