Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was the first day for candidates in the February city election to file their nominating petitions downtown.  And it was the place to be!

As the political website Early and Often puts it, "Looking like fans lined up waiting for concert tickets, aides to candidates looking to file petitions when the doors opened camped out Sunday night."

Here's the photo roll call.  We'd love to hear if other candidates were there.  If you're a candidate who filed today, send us a photo and we'll run it.  Petitions can be submitted until November 22nd.

Don Nowotny
(photo courtesy Gay Chicago Magazine)

James Cappleman (right)
(photo courtesy Gay Chicago Magazine)

Michael Carroll
(photo posted by Michael on Facebook)

Molly Phelan
(photo courtesy Gay Chicago Magazine)
Update:  According to Early and Often's Real-Time Filing Tracker, petitions have been filed by (in order of filing):  Don Nowotny, Michael Carroll, Molly Phelan, Befekadu Retta, and James Cappleman in the 46th Ward; and Patrick McDonough and Harry Osterman in the 48th Ward.

Update 2:  Gay Chicago Magazine has its article online:  Candidates line up to file for City election


  1. Cry havoc and let slip the dawgs of war.

    Woof. Woof.

    Gawd, this is going to be so much fun to watch.

    I just perused the various websites of the "Fab Four"* and found that some of them have pics at the filing of the petitions.

    Also Mike Carroll mentioned in a "tweet' the other day that the po po called him and said they had a suspect in the glass breaking incident. At least the one at his office.

    *The Fab Four are Cappleman, Carroll, Nowatny, and Phelan.

    I'll change the number if others actually file and their petitions stand up to any challenges.

  2. Interesting ... the link provided in the post has Denise Davis as a potential candidate.

    Please please please, I hope she runs.

  3. Retta's first name is spelled wrong in the post.

  4. The link, on page two, also has Stewart, Lam, Shapiro, and Wilson.

  5. Per the 1st link, Cappleman reported "a lot" for the number of signatures received :)

  6. Self reported signature totals on petitions:

    Nowotny 1500

    Carroll 1000

    Phelan 800

    Retta 1380

    Cappleman "A Lot"

    I ran into a Cappleman petition passer a few weeks back and she said he had about 1200 signatures at that time. Or maybe they were looking for 1200. That is many jugs of wine ago.

  7. 226 valid signatures are needed to get on the ballot.

    It looks like Befekadu Retta has that, since he has 1380 signatures, more than Michaell Carroll's 1000 and Molly Phelan's 800 (which should both pass muster as well).

    I am sure James Cappleman will make it as well, though I wonder if he was aware who Early and Often are (i.e. a legitimate & serious news source). (his answer was "a lot", which sounds a little snarky...especially if he was watching others answer.)

    Denise Davis will probably make it on, but i don't think anyone else will make it past challenges.

    i think Retta will get many votes from some of the high rises (especially those with immigrants), possibly more than Denise Davis. The two of them will certainly draw the initial pro-Shiller votes, but Don Nowotny and possibly Retta will get more of the anti-anti-Shiller vote

  8. I hear Cappleman filed more signatures than the numbers reported by any of the other candidates so far.

  9. JP,

    I'm sorry, but every time you wade into the political affairs of the ward you no longer reside in, YOU look a little snarky. Particularly when you throw your obvious l'il barbs. We will know the actual signature counts for each candidate's petitions when they get officially released (and I assume that Mr. Retta will be taking a leave of absence from his job, due to the obvious conflict of interest). And while you may be trying to sound all "sage" and everything, it's safe to say that the race is going to remain in a state of flux until the voters of the ward have a chance to compare and contrast the platforms, positioning, posturing, and public relations exhibited by all the candidates. There can always be a bombshell, and people are angry enough right now that no one is going to take ANYONE'S word at face value. Let the candidates perform. And please keep your own performance to yourself, JP...your reputation as a troublemaker precedes you.

  10. Secret Identity Revealed:

    Don Nowotny = Haggar from Final Fight.

  11. I know this is trivial, but does Nowotny have a mullet? I can picture him driving a beater '88 Camaro.

  12. ECB: No, he does not have a mullet. Picture, if you will, Tina Turner's videos from the time of "Mad Max and the Thunderdome", and the shirtless, muscled, long-haired saxophone player. That was Don's "twin" about 15 years ago--he's just older now and has more mileage.

  13. CTP, I wonder why you don't run? Or would you just rather b*tch and do nothing?

  14. JW,

    I was thinking the same thing. I was going to post it, but then I figured CTP would just enter the race.

    Five candidates and counting is enough.

    There are some good candidates in the race. More than one. None of them are perfect, but saying they all suck is simply silly. Silly, silly, silly.

    If you're looking for perfection in this life I suggest you listen to Mozart or Liszt. Perhaps even Ringo Starr singing "It Don't Come Easy". Proof that God Exists and has a sense of humor.

  15. Masked Avenger 46 said...

    I hear Cappleman filed more signatures than the numbers reported by any of the other candidates so far.

    This is possibly the most obvious and blatant boot-licking plug....even for the Uptown Update.

    How about just a smidgen of impartiality to help wash down all the layers of anonymity. Your Great Nemesis THE Alderman Shiller is not in the race, shake it off....the bitterness that is.

    A humble suggestion from this caring neighbor:

    Why not be more entertaining if nothing else and at least only allow better constructed candidate plugs for your information hungry readers.There will be plenty of other opportunities for voters to figure it out, other venues and no big deal.

    All of the candidates deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point. And here you are taking adolescent punster jabs at one of the candidates appearance....VERY CLASSY!

    And is it that hard to learn how to spell the candidates name?

    Uptown Update will be fine and dandy in the post- Shiller Uptown. Just look at how well Rush Limbaugh has done since Clinton left office. Rush L. does it by keeping his listeners pissed off, the original reason they tuned-in
    in the first place.

  16. Because "boooorrrrringg" really contributed to the discussion...

  17. Jeffrey, I don't mind you questioning my motives for posting, but I posted what I had heard from someone close to the Cappleman campaign in response to JP's query of what "a lot" means, as I agree it wasn't a particularly helpful description. Also note that I made positive comments about Emily Stewart in the thread about the last forum. Just trying to provide information.

  18. Also, for what it's worth (and to be fair to other candidates who haven't yet filed signatures), both Andy Lam and Emily Stewart specifically said at the forum that they will definitely be filing signatures by the Monday deadline. There may well be others as well. Given the extra week for collection, some of them could potentially file even bigger numbers than either Cappleman or Nowotny. In any case, I don't think we can conclude that the number of signatures is an indication of voter support.