Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Political Office Window Broken

Another political office has gotten a brick through its window: that of 46th Ward aldermanic candidate James Cappleman, at 4133 N Broadway, sometime after 6 this morning.

Add that to the offices of Andy Lam, Heather Steans, Mary Ann Smith, and Jan Schakowsky; as well as those at T-Mobile on Argyle and Chase Bank on Foster.  Someone (or multiple someones) have a lot of anger and a strong arm, apparently.

The good news is, no one has been hurt, and the police have evidence technicians on their way to the scene, so we hope this hurler will be caught in the near future.  Other candidates, take precautions!


  1. Any cameras catch any of this? I'm beginning to think cameras on every corner is the way to go and possible curb criminal activity. We can't be the eyes and ears 24/7.
    I also understand that our own district cops are sent where they are most needed, which would be the districts on the south & west side since they have more criminal activity going on. There lies the quandary, when we have less cops for OUR streets, the thugs commit more crimes.

  2. Yes they have taken more cops to other districts in the worst of all areas on the Weat & South side where shootings occure numerous times every day and the people also live in more fear then here in Uptown. I wish there could be more but don`t hold your breath. I wish the court system and law makers would give bigger fines and more severe punishment then just a slap on the wrist allowing these same punks to get here only to commit more crimes over and over again.

  3. Wiseguy;
    Don't you think cameras on every corner would help curb criminal activity and be an aid to the police? I realize that requires a great deal of money to install and monitor but all the arrests resulting from all this criminal activity is costly as well. Not to mention the cost to our peace of mind. Frankly, I'd feel a little safer if I knew the street I was walking on had a camera not only watching me but whomever may commit a crime. OMG, as a '60's radical, I cannot believe I am saying this but I see no other alternative in combating crime. Less police results in more crime.

  4. Maybe this is why DENISE DAVIS is trying to be so secretive as she collects signatures ot run for no one targets her office... oh yea, Denise - so I hear through the grapevine- is collecting signatures and was trying to surpise everyone when she files...opps..

  5. is collecting signatures and was trying to surpise everyone when she files...opps..

    Please tell me that you're joking.

    I mean, if it's true, it would certainly lead to much hilarity - and I likes me some hilarity .. hell, where can I sign her petition?

    But, in the grand scheme of things, she simply isn't qualified.

    Which, I guess, means that she's a shoe-in.

    I'll start printing up the "This ain't your college campus, sweetie - Vote Davis" t-shirts immediately.

    Or, "If Shiller can improve Uptown by 80% and we still have people laying dead in the streets, imagine what my mom can do!"

    Oh man ... I don't think I've thought this all the way through .. Run, Denise! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

    Level of effort to destroy that candidacy: minimal.

    Amount of entertainment brought by destroying that candidacy: very much so, yes please.

  6. Yo.. from what I understand, it is not a joke...I guess we will find out when the petitions are filed...

  7. Yo,

    the idea of a Davis candidacy brings joy to my heart.

    I am now going to speak to God.

    All three of him.

    "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost".


    you remember me? It's been awhile. I know I've been bad with my internet hooliganism, drinking, and alleged whoring around. I know I've only been in a church for weddings and funerals in recent years, but I can change.


    if you let Ms Davis run for Alderman and let her make the runoff I promise to give up the sauce and the hookers until 2012.

    I won't need it because of all the joy I will be having at the absurdity of it all.


    The Prodigal Pirate

  8. Oh, the rumors, they are rampant.

    - Ms "Sweetie, This is NOT Your College Campus" Denice Davis

    - Ms. Republican Committeeman

    - Mr. State Representative

    It's enough to make you long for the days of Gerald Farinas and the enigmatic Jesse Wilson.

  9. Man, oh man! I'm so looking forward to 11/22, now.

    Thanks, Supes!

    And, IP ... well, no one's buying your self-imposed anti-booze/whores promise (sorry, champ); but, I do recall your theory should Ms Davis toss her hat into the ring ... she'd essentially torpedo Don's campaign.

    But .. Don's cast his lot with Rahm's campaign, so maybe that'll change a few things.

    Who knows? Who cares? Run, Denic(s)e, run.

    Run for whatever you're worth, baby!

    Oh, and @JWilson46thward. Last update 10/22.

    "Since Shiller hasn't failed us enough: Vote Davis!"

  10. All of this talk about Denice Davis and Alderman Shiller is so darn well and good. However, the original post is in reference to another matter entirely. Actually a serious matter and unresolved at this point, potentially dangerous as well. Perhaps an incident such as this is worthy of undivided or distracted attention.....perhaps.

    If Davis,or Shiller for that matter, decide to pop a cork and announce they will run I am sure UU will create a post dedicated to such an occasion.

    The earlier post regarding the brick thrown through Andy Lam's window dissolved after 2 comments. The comments in this post remained relevant to the fourth, an improvement indeed.

  11. Jeff, are you one of our moderators now?

  12. I sure am willing to consider a reasonable offer to do so Caring Neighbor. How much does it pay? hehehehe

    I believe it might not work as my archaic belief in relevance would dampen the fun.

    This whole flying brick matter is very serious, I am sure we can all agree?

    I am sure I can finish it up on this in 3 comments or more tops I gotta run.

    Cheers, JL