Friday, November 12, 2010

And More Window Damage...

People who live at Sheridan and Leland are reporting finding chunks of concrete around their building this morning, where Michael Carroll's campaign office is located, and now we're finding out that the storefronts there didn't make it through the night unscathed, either:

Michael writes:  "Here are photos of the criminal damage to property at my office.  I know about James, Andy, and the 48th Ward offices. I left my office last night at 1am and returned early in the morning to find broken concrete in the street (where they threw it from) and five or six pieces at the bottom of my windows. My windows obviously withstood the repeated attempts to break them... the African store next door to me was not as lucky.  His window was badly broken.  Police reports generated, but no one is custody."



  1. and more:

  2. Why would anyone want to be the Alderman of this Ward...You try to do good around here, and this is what you get...

  3. You have to have thick skin to be alderman of this ward.

    Also bulletproof/brickproof glass at your campaign headquarters helps.

  4. I had a theory, by no means did I think it was certain or even likely, that certain candidates or their supporters were tossing bricks to bring exposure to the respective campaigns.

    Seems that theory is getting tossed out the window. Sorry for the pun.

    Former Congressman Mel Reynolds famously walked around with a bandage on his face after claiming to be the victim of flying glass from a politically connected shooting. Some people doubted his veracity.

    He later when to the hoosegaw for banging a 16 year old girl and financial BS on a mortgage application.

    My best guess, subject to change based on my alcohol level or changing facts, is that one disturbed idiot is going around breaking windows.

    This is some strange stuff.

    The campaigns need to get windows made of Lexan. Plastic like material that is clear and virtually impossible to shatter. You can even fire a bullet at it directly and it won't break. It flexes. However, if you fire a bullet at it from an angle it may break.

    It does scratch rather easily though.

    Oh well. At least the damage isn't against human flesh. We've had enough folks injured or killed around here by flying bullets.

  5. C'mon, with all of these window breakings there has to be footage on ONE camera, right?

  6. I find it interesting that Helen chose to comment publicly on this, yet hasn't spoken (that I'm aware of) regarding the shootings and homicide on Halloween.

  7. This can only mean the people who do this kind of activity feel threatened by the new Aldermen and are afraid the the elected Alderman will run them out of Uptown or make it more difficult for them to do their gang banger/drug deals to which Schiller has always turned a blind eye. Jus' sayin'.

  8. Sorry. I meant to type Shiller not Schiller. Duh.

  9. Dan,

    you need to add the concept of "fallibility" to your repertoire.

    Right now the only person or people who likely know why this is happening are the ones doing it.

    My guess is that it's one single mentally ill nutjob who is gripped in some mania over local politicians or something similar.

    I could be wrong. There are other scenarios too. For example apparently the Catholic Church is currently reemphasizing "exorcism".

    Perhaps some stray Priest has been trying to "exorcise" Satan from local politics and old Beezlebubster is striking back by breaking windows. Perhaps the old Ruler of the Darkness has found a human vessel for his trickery.

    Or perhaps not.

    It could be gang related. It could be some type of organized political intimidation. It could be a dozen "could be"'s.

    We don't know. Hopefully, the cops will catch the glass fornicators soon.