Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ald. Shiller Pontificates On City Issues

Ald. Shiller was a guest on a panel of 3 on WBEZ who shared their thoughts on the mayoral race and city issues. Listen to the discussion that took place at Petro's Restaurant in the Chicago loop here (click listen to the story at the top).


  1. So - dear saint Helen wants to hear some solutions from the field before she'll pick a candidate to support in the 46th, huh?

    That is f**kin' classic.

    Then, she smacks the media for not asking the right questions?

    Would this be the same media that she constantly ignores unless they speak to her on favorable conditions?

    THEN ... she discusses/defends the use of money from a parking meter lease for or against which she couldn't be bothered to vote?

    Then she comments on priorities?!

    Then she recommends a city income tax to cover the shortage of revenue that the city requires (a shortage due in no small part to the rampant abuse of her beloved TIFs)?

    Then she defends Rahm's residency status. That's a shocker, considering that petitioners for Rahm (who has Sam Toia as a supporter) were telling residents of the 46th all about Don Nowotny?

    She can't be bothered to address significant issues within her ward, but she can spend some time being on a panel to discuss everything but ...

    This woman is nothing but shameless.

  2. Yo said.
    And pathetic.

  3. I wonder why anyone would go to her for advice about cleaning up a mess that she helped make during these last 24 years?