Friday, October 15, 2010

Treeless Truman

A reader writes in:  "I passed Truman on my way to the El this morning and saw that, just as of today, most (if not all) of the gorgeous big trees in front of the college have been cut down. Any word on why this needed to happen? I can't see that it has to do with the construction of the new areas there.  ... I was rushing by on my way to work, and it looked like they were possibly in the process of getting rid of ALL of them, but I'm not positive about that. They had cut down the big trees on the west end of the building (where the three flagpoles were -- those are gone now as well) and some of the smaller trees right in front of the lobby (there were about 20 or so of these smaller trees). The others looked like they were in the process of being cut down; their tops were gone."

We guess our ward is only a "green ward" when someone can take credit for doing it.


  1. I got a postcard in the mail a week or so ago saying that ComEd was going to be trimming trees around the neighborhood. This seems very drastic since they normally just trim branches that are too close to power lines, but maybe it's related.

  2. I noticed this too as I walked by this morning. The sidewalk has been torn up almost all the way to Magnolia. Is this the same streetscaping they did on Broadway? Does anyone know when it is supposed to be finished?

  3. Homeland Security recognizes that trees are used as hiding places by the many Muslim Extremists who go to Truman College.

    Informed sources report that an attack by members of Al Queda who are taking Dreamweaver and Photoshop classes at Truman is imminent.

    If you see anything unusual like people carrying things into and out of the school, things like large briefcases or bags please report the event immediately to the police.

    These trees are being cut down so that we can feel safe and know that their are no Muslim Extremists hiding in them.

    Makes sense now?

  4. well its one way to cut down on the vermin and pestilence that trees breed

  5. Maybe Mr. T joined the board of Truman College.

  6. sorry everyone...truth is my beaver got out again. But thank God, I've seen terrorists conspiring in those trees numerous times.

    If you catch a beaver this weekend my email is


  7. Maybe Helen use her remaining salt supply to salt the earth there, just as she's tried to do with the rest of Uptown?

    Dunno, but it sure looks awful. Perhaps they are making some sort of driveway there? Not very pedestrian friendly though.

    Those trees in front were the only thing helping to mask that gargantuan rusting building... too bad.

  8. Anyone know what kind of trees they were? Maybe they were infested with those Asian Longhorn Beetles that have been causing many mid-western cities headaches the last several years?

  9. Uptown Action,

    I understand your beaver dilemma.

    I can't keep any beaver around either.

    Those Uptown Beavers are crafty.

  10. s. Piddy. Too funny. The scary thing is there are those out there thinking you maybe right!
    BTW They are locust trees. Probably the most urban hardy trees and beetles don't like them

  11. This came via e-mail at 3:04 p.m. on Friday afternoon:

    "As you all know by now, crews have removed the trees in front of the college to make way for the renovation of the street front. They have also taken out some of the trees on the east side. Ultimately, the college will lose 60 trees, which will be replaced by 120 new adult trees, none of them under four inches in diameter. Work continues on the mall driveway and on the interior of the garage. Soil remediation at the main site also continues so expect more traffic at the Racine and Sunnyside entrance.

    Please contact me with questions and concerns.

    Clifton Truman Daniel
    Director, Public Relations
    Harry S Truman College
    1145 West Wilson
    Chicago, IL 60640
    773.907.4040 (office)
    773.899.2713 (cell)"

    It would appear that we in the WY TIF district are also now paying for new sidewalks around the entire college, new planters (for the gangbangers to use for their "business" transactions--and for innocent bystanders to dive behind when gunfire erupts), AND new trees. Obviously, the College felt that they NEEDED to have new trees instead of those "big icky old ones"...and remember that they couldn't manage to work around the big old maple trees that used to be between the original building and the old tennis courts...and they couldn't work around all the trees that USED to be in the Racine Mall, either. I imagine that they'll surround the whole place with razor wire to keep neighborhood residents from walking on the grass (if they ever get around to planting any)...but they'll be sure to let the neighborhood 'bangers exercise their pitbulls' jaws by letting them chew on--and hang by their jaws from--the new "minimum 4-inch-diameter" trees branches.

  12. I just hope that some time in the near future this place will become Pegasus-Theatre-Friendly Again!