Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tracking The Aldemanic Races

If you love reading about Chicago politics (and we certainly do), we found a couple interesting sites regarding the upcoming local elections.
  • Progress Illinois says:  "According to the list we've compiled so far, in more than a fifth of the races (11 out of 50) the incumbent presently faces no challenger. ... Other wards -- particularly those with open seats -- are drawing a crowded field. Seven candidates are vying for alderman of the 46th Ward, left vacant by longtime councilwoman Helen Shiller's decision not to run, and five candidates are seeking both the 2nd and 43rd Ward open seats."  You can keep tabs on all the races at Progress Illinois's Candidate Tracker.
  • Some of you may remember Aldertrack from the previous election.  It's morphed into a new pay site, Early and Often.  The Mayoral and Aldermanic sections are free of charge until October 18th, so take a look and see what you'll be missing if you don't subscribe.

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