Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things That Go Bang In The Night

Don't these fools know that Halloween is a time to pretend you're something you're not every other day?  Sadly, the colder weather hasn't stopped the gunfire on our streets for Halloween weekend.
  • "My friends and I were walking East on Wilson at Malden and heard at least 7 gunshots on the street. This was at about 12:45am. It seemed as though they were right across the street from us (by Godfather's) where there was a large group of men hanging out a couple of doors east of Godfather's. After the shots ended, we heard lots of yelling, then it went silent.  As soon as we heard the gun shots, we ducked down into a stairwell and called 911 immediately. Within 30 seconds of hanging up, the first squad car showed up. Within the next 2 minutes, at least 4 more squad cars were on the scene. I have to commend that effort, but I'd also like to feel safe when I'm making a late night run to 7-11. I hope no one was hurt."
We're not sure if this is a different incident or not, although we suspect it's two accounts of the same shooting.  It was sent to us shortly after 1:15 a.m.
  • "6-8 shots fired at Wilson/Malden.  Lots of bangers (dozen or so) running south toward Sunnyside, yelling in a disorganized panic (sounds like they're taking roll call, making sure everyone's okay).   P.D. on scene within 4 minutes.  Now there's an Ambulance, and P.D.'s taping off from street to 4555 N. Malden."
  • "Another group of shots fired off in the distance 5 minutes after first volley."
And at 3:15am: 
  • "Did anyone else just hear four shots, a pause, and then four more shots?  I live near Kenmore and Wilson, and it sounded like it happened around Wilson and Broadway.  I called 911 and now I'm hearing sirens.  How sad is it that after this summer, I now wake up when I hear shots and automatically start counting them so I know what to tell the 911 operators?"
Update:  Chicago News Report is saying that the 1:00 shooting involved a victim who was shot inside his home.  The victim is not cooperating with the police (typical  behavior when it's a gang shooting).  Read Chicago News Report for more details from the scanner.


  1. I heard the 3:15 am shots. I counted five or six shots though.

    I'd say Wilson and Broadway sounds about right for the location.

  2. Took FOREVER to get someone via 911 at 12:50ish. Heard the shots as well, then the shouting on Sunnyside for the next 10 minutes.

    The gang has moved now from the parking lot on Wilson and Magnolia to hanging out in front of God Fathers and Sheridan Park Liquors.

    I hope they tighten up security for everyone out Trick or Treating Sunday.

  3. The 1:00AM shooting happened in front of the APT building on Malden St just behind Godfather's pizza. I was in BR when I heard the shots and called police right away. From my window I saw many guys gathered around parked cars and yelling and talking, but they were not in a hurry to leave the scene. The first police car arrived in few minutes and the gangsters started “walking” away in many directions.

    After making sure enough police presence on the street, I went out and talked with officers. They think it might be “punishment” after someone in the same gang group or from other(s) messing up business on streets.

    I’m simply shocked (again) that they are not shy at all to hide the gun activity on residential street. Or does it have to happen where someone messed up the business?

  4. At around 12:20 or 12:30 AM I heard a load of noise coming from the front of the 4540 building on Magnolia (the huge one next to the strip mall) and there were 8-9 guys out there making a racket.

    Was just about to pick up the phone to call 911 and then half of them split off toward Wilson, cutting through the strip mall. A few minutes later the rest of them followed.

    Foolishly, my sleep-addled brain just sent me back to bed without calling 911. Alas.

  5. I was raiding the candy bowl just before 1 a.m. when about 7 shots rang out from the vacinity of Godfathers Pizza. I looked outside and saw 15-20 black males scattering either from inside 4555 malden or from the front of Godfathers Pizza (maybe both). The majority went south toward sunnyside, half of which seem to get into cars parked on Malden and drive away. I also heard what may of been more shots after PD arrived (farther away).

    I would of seen more if 911 would of answered in less then 20 rings !!!!

  6. If it takes 20 rings it is because there a lot of other calls coming in. The call takers are not sitting around filing their nails. Call are answered in the order they are placed.

    Thank you for being a good neighbor and hanging on until they were able to take your call.

  7. What's the correct address of the building where the shooting took place?
    Who manages this property?
    What is the apartment #?

  8. I heard the 3:15am shots. I live at Kenmore and Lawrence and it woke me up and I saw a male running up Kenmore after the shots were fired and hiding under the scaffoling. I called 911 but it took awhile to see any activity by our corner.

  9. Katherine, the address is 4555 N. Malden St.

    Management is:

    Kass Management Services
    2000 N. Racine, Suite 4400
    Chicago IL 60614

    Not sure on the apartment #.

  10. I too heard the 3:15am shots. My insomnia had me watching TV on the couch. Thought it was 3 then a pause followed by 4 more. I waited holding my breath, and then heard a car speed away. I'm on Kenmore closer to Leland. I called 911 to report, but didn't hear sirens until closer to 4.

  11. Don't worry, Andy Lam is going to go over and talk to those guys and try and cool things down.

  12. Thanks Jenny for posting the exact address and property management information.

    The property manager, his/her boss, and the building owner should be notified that a shooting occured in their building and that the person who was shot refused to speak with the police.

    A gang related shooting--oh, please. This should be on the CAPS meeting agenda also; but contacting the building manager and owner are in addition to CAPS.

    You'd be surprised how many building managers are either out of touch or turn their backs to the voilence, gangs, and tenants living illegally in their buildings.

    They wake up pretty fast when the community flags their building as a gang/drug/violent building.

    On my block, thanks to great neighbors, we've mounted three campaigns to clean out the in-your-face gang leaders/members. Three of the four gang males are GONE, one more to go. Stay tuned.

    My suggestion is the people who live by 4555 N. Malden start by calling the property manager on Monday. Call, then write a letter outlining what happened, then keep a log of all incidents. Of course, 911 phone trees are essential.

    Has anyone actually talked to tenants in this building who might be afraid to call?

    It takes a neighborhood of fed-up-I-give-a-damn-about-living-in-a-safe-people to make it happen.

  13. Katharine, according to Chicago News Report, the person who was hit by gunfire has a Polish surname and is older, so he probably was "collateral damage" and not the intended target.

    Terrible, terrible situation.

  14. To contact Kass Mgt by email you can go to this link:

    A flooded inbox on a monday morning couldn't hurt either. They manage a large portfolio, easy for them not to notice....

  15. I'm new to the neighborhood and noticed a gang of young people on Wilson near Godfather's last night. They were drinking hard liquor and smoking what appeared to be pot, so I called police. One police car drove by four times that I saw and later, an unmarked car stopped and the officer in the passenger seat spoke to the group briefly. They moved from their spot down to the front of Godfather's at the corner of Malden and Wilson.

    At 12:55, I awoke and counted 9 gunshots, then it was dead quiet. I waited a bit and noticed police arriving, so I went and gave a statement.

    I live at 4555 N Malden, but I didn't realize that this gang member lives here, too. Kass Mgt. actually has a statement in their lease agreement pertaining to criminal activity and association, so they should be made aware of this situation and encouraged to take action. I'll certainly be calling them on Monday.

  16. I live at 4550 Malden. Although I am currently out of town, I learned that bullets also went through windows in my building (across the street from 4555) during this shooting activity.

  17. 1 killed, 4 wounded in separate Uptown shootings
    October 31, 2010 10:05 PM | 3 Comments
    Five people were shot today in the North Side's Uptown community, Chicago police said.

    The latest shooting that happened about 6:20 p.m. in the 1000 block of West Sunnyside Avenue claimed the life of a 35-year-old man.

    That victim, identified as Marlos Canteberry, of the 900 block of West Wilson Avenue, was pronounced dead at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, said a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office. Police said he was shot in the ear.

    A little more than an hour earlier, three people, one of them a 13-year-old girl, were shot a few blocks away in the 4400 block of North Magnolia Avenue.

    All three victims were taken to hospitals in serious-in-critical condition; the girl was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital, said Quention Curtis, a Chicago Fire Department spokesman. One of the other victims was taken to Illinois Masonic while the other was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Curtis said, adding that those two victims are adults.

    Meanwhile, about 1 a.m. this morning and a few blocks away, a man in his late 20s was shot in his left leg in the 4500 block of North Malden Street, police said. That victim, too, was also taken to Illinois Masonic for treatment, but his condition was not available.

    A police spokeswoman this evening could not say whether the three separate shootings were related, other than being in close proximity to one another. And no one was in custody for any of the incidents

  18. Question to Caring Neighbor about the person shot at 4555 N. Malden, if this person was not the intended victim, why did he refuse to cooperate with the police investigation?

    Is he scared of retaliation from another tenant?
    Or is he part of the problem?

  19. Katharine, I can't pretend to know the guy's reasons for not cooperating with the cops, or even if it's true that he didn't.

    While Eastern Europe does have a lively and thriving gang presence, I've never seen it here, and I've never heard of it interacting with our local bangers. Just saying he may, like the couple who lived near Jewel and got a gang bullet through the window, may not be part of the problem, but another victim.