Monday, October 25, 2010

"Some Ting Wong" With Peoples Gas

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"Peoples Gas is drilling into the street where Gordon Terrace intersects with Sheridan Road, just south of Buena and they marked the area needing attention to be sure to only drill where necessary.

Please see attached photo because it gave me quite a chuckle this morning."


  1. Great picture. Anyone know why on Clarendon south of Montrose for about 2 blocks the west side of the sidewalks have been marked up alot with yellow, red and blue boxes, arrows and other designs and numbers by the gas & water company. All these sidewalks where just replaced a few years back and now they are going to dig them up again?

  2. Live right by there. The good news is my apartment didn't explode so while spelling may not be a strong point, gas mane repair is.

  3. I love Some Ting Wong -- they have a great lunch special of egg roll, crab rangoon and chow mein for $6.95.