Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painting The Town

A reader came across a cluster of artists at Broadway and Leland earlier today. Nice work! Anyone know where they were from and if their creations will be displayed?


  1. Ah HA!! I can tell by the way that brush is being held that "red hat" is "Clam Chowder"! Maybe I'm a bit quick to judge but anyone possessing paint in the "hood" is suspect in my book!

  2. It looks to me to be the work off the Plein Aire Painters of Chicago.
    Most are

    I could be wrong but I think I recognize someone in there...certainly this fits their modus operandi.

  3. If this is PAPC, and I am 90% sure it is, they have at least one show each year during the summer at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art. Its located at 1020 N. Dearborn ( The majority of PAPC members are also members P&C, as well as myself I am proud to say.
    They have been up before at Montrose Harbor. I will check on it.
    I've said it before, and will say it again. Plein aire painters are among the earliest adapters of the concept we now call "positive loitering".
    Uptown has more to offer artists than say Wicker Park ever did. I hope next Alderman makes an undistracted commitment to bring more arts and artists to uptown, the arts will attract more and better businesses.
    It can unite us and tell our stories, stimulate commerce, and art IS culture. It is difficult to find opposition to bring more of the arts to Uptown (not just the visual arts), and a challenge for us all to make it happen, to garner the resources. A conundrum.

  4. And thats a good one UptownAction! However our friend and neigbor "the clamster" thinks Chowder is spelled with a u as in Clam Chouder. harharharhar har.
    I often wonder if he prefers New England or Manhatten style..........

  5. Jeffrey- great suggestion. I love your post!

    I have seen the Plein Aire Painters at Leland and Broadway at least a few times this summer. I wish, though, if they were painting pictures of Uptown, that the pictures could be displayed in Uptown.

  6. UA - That hat is orange, not red. Trust from someone who knows a thing or two about red hats.