Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Safe Passage For Uptown Kids

News from Meg Gillman:
"Safe Passage is a city-wide program that involves neighbors in ensuring that children go to and from school safely. Residents place a Safe Passage Neighborhood Watch sign in a front window and, when they are home, look out the window in the morning and in the afternoon to monitor children walking to and from school. If there is a problem, neighbors should call 911. To register for a Safe Passage sign, residents provide name, address and phone number to a CAPS Youth Coordinator or Organizer. We do not check the background of people who display the sign; we just want to know where they are being displayed. The signs do NOT indicate that a location is a safe place to seek help.
This is in contrast to the Safe Haven program for businesses. Businesses that display the Safe Haven sign have been checked by the Police for criminal background and proper licensing and have signed a contract with CAPS agreeing that people in distress can come in for their safety until Police respond to the owner's 911 call.
Safe Passage monitors MOVEMENT. Safe Haven provides a LOCATION of refuge.
Please direct any questions and requests for Safe Passage signs to me at (312) 742-0991. Thank you!"
Meg Gillman
CAPS Youth Services Coordinator

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