Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planters Gotta Go

A reader sends in the following pic and info:

"I know in the whole scheme of things this is pretty small. I am very pleased with how the Clark streetscape is turning out. I am not happy with seeing those old beat-up planters that have been in front of El Ranchito Mexican in the 4600 block of Clark return. They have been filled with dead trees and trash for the past 5 years at least. The workers moved them to the opposite side of the street while work was progressing but now they have been moved back in front of the restaurant. I hope they are on the way out!"


  1. It just shows me that El Ranchito Mexican just don`t care or they would have taken matters in their own hands and gotten the front of their business clean and respectable looking to attract customers and show some consideration to surrounding businesses.

  2. Or maybe an area block club can help.... and incorporate the businesses into their club.. win/win