Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Non-Golden Rule

According to those who work and walk past the Broadway and Irving Park intersection, the people who hold the "Cash 4 Gold" signs left for two weeks, after our recent post about them loitering in front of local businesses and harassing passers-by, but now they're back, and the signs they're holding are bigger than ever.

Note the "For Rent" sign in front of the now-empty Arnold's.  Business owners at that corner say the Cash 4 Gold people's harassment of Arnold's customers hastened its departure.

What to do?  Call the police if they harass you and be willing to sign a complaint and show up in court.  Contact Uptown Business Partners about Cash 4 Gold's business practices and see if they will intervene.  A previous poster said that the tattoo parlor next to Cash 4 Gold is their landlord; not sure if this is true, but a polite request might do the trick.  Let us know what works (and doesn't).


  1. I highly doubt that this was the cause of Arnold's departure.

  2. When they say "harassed", what exactly are they doing to people who pass by? Just curious...

  3. I agree! Their presence is trashy and invites elements unfavorable for businesses in the area. As for Arnold's leaving because of them, it's actually true. I've spoken with them, and they received a number of complaints from customers, due to the major eyesore, not to mention behavior. For those interested, call 773.528.7758 to voice your displeasure. I believe it's the landlord's phone number.

  4. I too doubt that a business would leave because of some people are standing around there with a stupit sign yelling about sell your gold here. I pass this corner at times and I must say it does make the area look pretty ghetto but A more important issue is the group of guys that are always hanging out across from the U-haul drinking, blasting music and smoking dope. They been there for years and I don`t see anyone trying to get these group of low-lifes that pose a bigger threat then a stupit sign carrier.

  5. Thre are a myriad of issues as to why Arnold's left. One thing is for sure - customers do not like being asked, "Wanna buy some gold" when they are going in some place to eat. And nobody wants to sit down to eat and see that kind of trash out on the street.

    I agree, the other blight on Broadway is the group of trashbags accross the street from UHaul. One would think it gets better in winter but it does not. It gets worse.