Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let There Be Trees

Trees are being planted on the east side of Broadway from Montrose to Wilson today. Some of the planted trees have no leaves and look a little sad. We hope they pull through the winter.


  1. I have planted trees before and the best time to do it is right before the winter. Just like rolling out a new lawn with sod. October is usually the month to do it. The trees look shocked now but next year when sping begins the trees will start looking fine and full.

  2. I was hoping they weren't going to wait until spring.

    Any word on whether or not they are going to fill the flower boxes with bushes or some winter hearty plants or will we have to wait until spring?

    This could be beautiful but right now it kinda looks like trash bins (mostly because they are filling up with trash. I even saw a guy sleeping in one of them. Why not? Soft dirt, hiding walls.

  3. D-
    They were planting trees on each end of the planters, the ones I noticed were gingko trees. Not sure what they are putting in the middle.

  4. SO glad the trees are finally going in.
    Between the barren streetscape, and the gravel floor of the empty WY retail spaces, it's quite grim.

    Anything 'natural' along this stretch, will surely soften the monolithic dead zone of this building.

  5. Harold, Maude and I are going to set them free.