Monday, October 11, 2010

Gunshots In The Wee Hours

We enjoyed our two-week break from having to post about "shots fired," but it seems The Gangs That Can't Shoot Straight are back to business as usual, and in a familiar spot:  Broadway/ Montrose/ Sheridan (where gunshots had shoppers diving for cover in the Jewel parking lot two weeks ago Sunday).

Several readers reported hearing gunfire early Monday morning:

I was just awakened by about 4-5 gunshots at about 2:30am. I think it was my first time to hear gunshots - they were very loud and we're on an 8th floor overlooking the Broadway/ Montrose/ Sheridan intersection. Police arrived soon; there are now 4 unmarked cars that you can see and Sheridan is now roped off while I assume they are looking for shell casings.

My view is obstructed by the Cash Exchange, but there's a white four door car - a Cadillac I believe - in front of the bus stop by Jake's that might be the car shot at; there were two people inside with red shirts, one of whom was a woman.

Update:  Sun-Times story is Man Shot in Buttocks in Uptown.  Chicago Breaking News mentions it briefly in 3 Dead, At Least 6 Wounded in Overnight Shootings.


  1. There was a loud domestic disturbance in my street around that time(4400 N Racine) involving a drunk man, a woman with a lump on her head and a 3 month old baby.

    Anyway, the officer called for fire rescue because of the baby and they said it was responding to a shooting. That there was a man fleeing south on Sheridan, south of Montrose shot in the buttocks.

  2. Sun Times is reporting a man shot in the buttocks.

  3. I think if the people shot dont cooperate with police they should just be arrested.

    Its like, well, you are a danger to society, because you are a target for gunfire and you arent that concerned about it and you dont want to help with the investigation and you probably just want to handle it on your own, so yeah, being an active target for gunfire at large should be enough to put you away for awhile.

    Or maybe there should be an acceptable roped off, or fenced off area for gunfire targets to live. If you dont help police with your gunfire/bullet magnetic ability, then you dont deserve to live in normal society


  5. There was another loud scuffle last night around 7pm that I could hear out my window at Sunnyside/Hazel.

    I didn't go outside to see the specifics. Anyone have any details on that?

    I did call 911 because it went on and on and appeared to be escalating. It sounded like a large group of people with a woman's voice being the loudest. There were threats of violance and it sounded like some pushing around. I heard the "blurp" of the police siren relatively quickly, but the racket continued for a bit.

    Hopefully that's all it was was racket. It may be totally unrelated, but you never know when a racket turns into a shooting....even if it is hours later. Better to nip it in the bud when it's just "disturbing the peace." Don't be afraid of calling 911 for smaller events. Lets send a zero tolerance message.

  6. I live around Sheridan & Agatite and heard the triple pop, pop, pop last night. I hear so many fireworks in the area that I wasn't sure whether they were real, but I jotted the time down, 2:35am, and the number of shots. Can't believe it was really gunfire this time, and the circumstances.

  7. I think the dispute on Sunnyside and Hazel spilled into Windsor and Hazel as the police was there for about 30mins. As soon as the police left I saw from my window a guy ran behind and stating beating another dude and a few more joined in. I called 911 and the police response was quick and they all ran way. Seems like more problems recently around Hazel in between Windsor and Sunnyside.

  8. Woke up to five shots fired at 2:35 and sirens shortly thereafter, what is happening to our neighborhood? Alarming to hear the news of it being the second "shots fired" in the same intersection within two weeks. Hits way too close to home.

  9. right in the butt-ocks...who was it? Forrest Gump?

  10. Does anyone have a link to a site that compare violent crime rate over time?

    I was just discussing with a friend about how, even though these shooting are getting out of hand, the neighborhood feels safer than it used to. (I've only lived in Uptown for 5 years, but in the surrounding neighborhoods my whole life). I remember it wasn't so long ago that even Buena Park was kinda shady.

    I'm not making a statement that things are peachy or discounting disturbing trends. I'm just looking for a good resource for crime statistics over time.

    Please share if you have one.

  11. "Or maybe there should be an acceptable roped off, or fenced off area for gunfire targets to live."

    Well, since that is a cynical statement, I won't feel too bad saying that there already are such areas. Uptown seems to be one of them . . .

  12. @D: Try

    Click on Summary button and then select indexed crimes by month or year. Note that CPD reports raw incident counts as opposed to population weighted ratio. Evaluate accordingly :-)

    Other useful data sources are available via this site as well.

  13. "I think if the people shot dont cooperate with police they should just be arrested."

    That's a great idea! Let's suspend civil liberties to make you feel safer!!

  14. @ Suzanne Elder and d... while the link supplied IS CPD statistics, they are in no way an indication of crime in Chicago. The Police Dept. has been playing with their crime stats for decades and they are so unreliable that the FBI, who compiles nationwide crime statistics annually, does NOT utilize the ones provided to them by Chicago. Go figure! This from the city that counts the number of shooting "incidents" but NOT the # of persons shot. So in a drive-by shooting where 5 people are shot (which actually happened earlier this summer in Englewood, I believe), the count is ONE shooting, not FIVE persons shot.

    And don't even get me started on "shots fired" calls or shootings where no one is actually hit by gunfire. When the police get these calls, they usually race to the location, listen for gunfire, look for the caller or a witness or victim (most of whom have already run for their lives!), and will usually "code out" the assignment as "unfounded" or "no person found" or "other miscellaneous service", all of which serve the purpose of saying that it never really happened. The police ALMOST NEVER actually record these shooting statistics. Of course, as shorthanded as the Dept. is of police officers, we should be thankful they aren't documented since all the officers would be writing case reports instead of patrolling the streets!