Monday, October 11, 2010

Aldermanic Forum Tuesday: Meet Molly Phelan

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  1. How do they decide on who gets invited to these things? As I understand, there are more candidates than this and while they may not be the most popular, it seems kinda strange to limit it to these four. Was a poll taken (many debates limited candidate participation to candidates who a certain level of poll numbers)? Or wa there a previous debate and other candidates were weeded out?

  2. MOTS, it says on the poster that the more recently declared candidates, rather than being "weeded out," will be represented at later dates.

    I imagine setting something like this up is a logistical nightmare, and with so many candidates throwing their hats in so very late in the game, with rumors of more to come, UNC just decided to start with the four who are definitely declared.

  3. Thanks, Neighbor, I somehow missed that.